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What products to use for naturally curly hair?

What products to use for naturally curly hair?

September 15th, 2022

Hair requires much attention and specialised treatment to ensure its health and breadth. In the case of curls, the process is even more demanding, thus a lot of us decide on straightening them or putting them up in a bun to avoid inconveniences. However, even if it may be a hard start and a long journey ahead of us, maintaining their natural texture in perfect condition will make us look unique and extraordinary. No curl is the same, therefore we must learn a hair care routine individually adjusted to our needs. What kind of curly hair products available on the market are best to use?

Common curly hair problems

Unless you are one of the lucky ones to be born with perfect curly hair, you may have many problems to tackle. One of the most common issues with curls is their volume. Women with straight textures are jealous of your hair quantity, but only you know how hard it is to manage them. The key to success is definitely the right cut. If you will find the stylist who will choose the most appropriate method for your individual needs, you will manage your hair excellently. Also, due to too many chemical processes, and everyday exposure to hot air, it gets tangled very easily. It irritates us, especially when preparing for a big occasion, so we try combing them out forcefully, which damages them even more. Ensure you are gentle and apply some conditioner to do it smoothly. Last but not least, changing your hairstyle is almost unmanageable. Straightening curly hair is a long and demanding process that sometimes leads to split ends and breakage. Naturally, it gives us a different look, but is it worth the damage?

What kind of curly hair products are the best?

Apart from the mentioned above, there are much more issues that apply to only curls. Stylists frequently caution us against applying too much commodity so as not to overload hair, however, with locks, it is not an option. The use of high-quality curly hair products certainly improves their condition and makes them look the finest, no matter the day. As with every other, locks require shampoos and, most importantly, conditioners. Their treatment must start with the appropriate washing, thus reaching for such is a must. One of the leaders is Olaplex, with its wide range of products to maintain and moisturize our curls. The brand’s Bonding Oil increase softness, while restoring healthy texture and improving shine. Applying it on wet or dry hair will give them a beautiful shine and care for their ends. Furthermore, L’Oreal Professionnel merchandise with the Curl Expression series including shampoo, conditioner and a mask is perfect for hair nourishment. The rich, buttery formula of such goes deep into locks, extensively hydrating them, and eliminating dryness. If you exposed your curls to much hot air damage, try FANOLA’s Restructuring products with additional Linseed Oil and it will leave your hair silky and easy to comb, perfect for any occasion.

Regular hair routine

Some of us get bored easily, expecting instant results. In the case of hair, especially curls, you must remain calm and persistent, as they may require months of appropriate treatment to look as best as possible. Try to do your routine on a regular basis, either in the morning or before bed time. When you find your golden pick, reach for products from one particular series to ensure your treatment is complex. As mentioned above, one curl, even on the same head, is different from the other, so be cautious and patient to give them the best care possible. Live by the saying: “Invest in your hair. It is the crown you never take off”,and you will not have to worry about your looks.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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