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What Shampoo is Good for Teenage Greasy Hair?

What Shampoo is Good for Teenage Greasy Hair?

Puberty sucks! There are so many things changing in your teenager’s body that it is hard to keep up with all the going on.

July 18th, 2019

Puberty sucks! There are so many things changing in your teenager’s body that it is hard to keep up with all the going on. One of the issues that plague some teenagers is oily or greasy hair. This is caused just like everything else during this phase in life by hormones wreaking havoc on their entire body. Not every teenager will have problems with greasy hair, but for those that do … how can you help fight it?

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main causes, how you can fight it and give you an idea of what products you should be looking at to help your teenager overcome this hurdle. If you want more information on this and other hair related subjects make sure to check out Headcurve at https://www.headcurve.com/hair-care/shampoo-for-oily-hair/. Now let’s jump into some of the causes of your teenager’s hair issues.

Teenage Causes of Greasy Hair

Puberty is not the only culprit when it comes to the reason’s your teenager has greasy hair. Here are the main reasons.


Puberty wreaks havoc on the teenage body. This can lead to things like overproduction of sebum which is the substance responsible for your natural oils. This cause of oil you can really do nothing to combat. In fact, all you can do is ride it out and make sure to use the proper products to lessen the impact.

It’s a Family Thing

Genetics plays a key role in everything from your height and eye color. They also can affect things like hair type and that means that your teenager may have you to thank for that oily mop on their head right now. The benefit of this being the cause for your teenager’s hair angst is that you have had years to figure out how to handle your oily hair and can help them find the right products.

Thick or Thin?

Some hair types struggle with oil build u more than others. If your teenager has thick hair it may not be as obvious of an issue as if they have thin hair.


You want your kid to get out there and get the exercise in; whether that means hitting the gym or hitting the field this could be a major contributor to your teenager’s oily hair problems. As you sweat you will be building up even more oil and if you already have an issue this could further exacerbate it.

You are What You Eat!

When you are a kid you love fast food and junk food. It’s kind of a rite of passage, but when the bulk of their diet comes from this food ‘group,’ they may be helping their body be their own worst enemy. The build-up of the sugars and other awful stuff seen in the creation of those delicious snacks can create more oils for not only their hair, but their skin as well. Plus, you know they are touching their hair with their fingers and this can leave traces of the cells from the foods in their hair, further serving to increase the oil build-up.

Combating Greasy Hair

Besides selecting the right shampoo, which we will discuss in the section below, there are a few things you can do to combat your teenager’s greasy hair. The first is to not wash it in hot water, rather warm. Hot water causes the body to react and begin creating extra sebum and that means more oil in the hair follicles.

You also want to make sure they only use their conditioners on the ends and not the scalp. The thickness of the conditioner can cause the scalp to trap extra oil. The other thing you may want to consider is a hot oil treatment. This should be done once a month to help keep their scalp hydrated and pH balanced.

What Should You Be Looking for in Their Products?

You want to look for a product that is designed to help balance the pH which is perfect for oily or greasy hair. You should also consider gentle cleansing shampoos or those that have activated charcoal. Make sure you pay attention to the shampoo’s consistency and stay away from heavy, thick shampoos.

You may want to look for shampoos that have ‘volume’ or ‘frequent wash’ somewhere on their label. These are all great options. Natural remedies like honey, green tea or coconut oil can be found as ingredients in many new shampoos and these all help fight oil as well.

Final Thoughts

Paying attention to the ingredients and taking a hard look at what is the cause of your teenager’s greasy hair will help you decide on what shampoo is good for their greasy hair. Hopefully you now feel better equipped to tackle this problem and find a great solution for you and your teenager.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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