Kitchen floors are among the most slippery surfaces on the planet. Oils and other ointments that are spilled over the floor can give you more headaches than joy especially when you are constantly working in there to make a living. People working in a kitchen are in permanent danger for their well being since the chance of slipping over to an oily surface is well apparent there. For feel better comfort, you should use a good pair of ankle support shoes for your everyday life.

What is the kind of shoes adequate for kitchen use?

Most people are choosing to wear sneakers in the kitchen. They are comfortable and can give you more protection than the normal high heel shoes or the casual ones. Men and women can wear unanimous shoes and match to each other which is a great advantage when you want to present as a team in the kitchen.

Sneakers and other athletic shoes should have extra importance on their outsoles. These could be more rigid and durable that others since they have to do with the acidic environment of the kitchen which can easily harm all types of rubber.

Not to mention, that the outer part of the sole needs to have larger lugs in order to produce more friction for the user to stand and retain its balance when walking in the slippery kitchen aisles.

Moreover, the right kitchen shoes should be a lot more breathable than the normal ones. This is because of the extremely high temperatures that are being developed in the kitchen environment and impose a lot of barriers for the cooker legs. The right breathability is ensured by the larger holes on the side of the shoes that make your inner part of the foot breathe when you are walking. Additionally, the tongue could be made of lightweight material which in turns serves as the ultimate tool that ensures the breathability of the inner feet.

Shoes that are work primarily in a kitchen environment are meant to be stronger than usual. This means not only externally but internally. Since people working in the kitchen are usually standing up for most of their time the shoes should be adequate to support their body weight without giving them any painful reactions when moving.

The kitchen friendly sneakers are always featuring greater cushioning to the heel and forefoot areas to ensure proper support to the most sensitive areas of the human footbed. This is of crucial importance especially when you are overweight which is a characteristic in common across the persons that are working in kitchen restaurants.

What are the advantages of the kitchen proof sneakers?

They are usually made of higher quality leather that can be easily cleaned up using soap and water. This is a great advantage of the sneakers since food and beverages are always falling on top of the shoes and the later need constant cleaning if you want to have a decent appearance in the kitchen area.

Not to mention, that the hot containers that may poor their fluids over your feet should meet the external layers of your shoes in order not to burn you. That is why the adoption of the real leather sneakers is of crucial importance for all the kitchen workers in order to avoid dangerous burns while working.

The outsole of the shoes is the best protection against electrical shocks that may happen suddenly in the kitchen. This area is where the water and the electricity are found in close proximity and that is why electrical hazards are common to happen in a kitchen environment. One of the primary defense points for persons working in a kitchen is to wear the electrical insulated sneakers that feature a solid rubber bottom to prevent the deadly short circuit that may threaten the lives of the people inside the kitchen.


Kitchen is a really dangerous place to wear any type of shoes. The high heels and other steel shoes are forbidden and you should stick to the sneakers both for your protection and for practical reasons as well.

When you are looking for comfort and pleasure the sneakers are there to give you a unique sense of liberty that can be life saving when you desperately need a break between shifts. The shoes can be a refreshing element in your kitchen life as long as you choose the ones with the right features bestowed on them.

Keep in mind that the price is not always a good criterion in choosing the right type of shoes for the kitchen work. You should invest more time and money in finding the best pair of shoes that fits you right and gives you enhanced protection against all dangers found in the kitchen place.


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