Student life is always exciting and fun filled. But if you do not have a proper place to live in or stay; student life can turn out to be tedious, uncomfortable and stressful. You must be careful about your stay otherwise your life is going to be exhaustive during your university or college time Whether you choose to stay in a Studio, on campus or any other student accommodation; you need to be thoughtful.

Once you look for student accommodation Liverpool, you must make a list of things that you are expecting out of your stay. There are myriad of options like en-suite or so on once you explore a little. You can literally go for a proper accommodation once you look around. There can be various course providers who might reserve a place for you in their halls of residence, but it is absolutely important to do your research and think about what really is important to you. Of course, if you have chosen on-campus accommodation, the things might be different. But if you are looking for other options, be thoughtful about everything. Just keep in mind that the secret to getting the finest student accommodation is to get in there and make the reservation as soon as you can, to get the best rental properties. Here are some main things you might need to consider:

Walk Through course provider websites

Yes, these could have pictures of what their halls of residence actually look like, and you could be able to reserve a room online. They do list the facilities available and any type of costs associated with them.

Ponder about Private Student Accommodation

These are most of the times similar to course providers’ halls, but you would not always be living with people who go to your college or course provider. You can find good and reliable Private Halls of residences but the choice is yours only. There could also be diverse types of facilities available, and you could have more freedom as to what you might and might not bring with you. Private halls are most of the times owned by companies who construct the halls of residence near course providers or universities all over the country. The point is you can easily do the proper research about the place and the accommodation provisions and find out what the previous inmates have to say about it. There is no harm in looking into the options thoroughly and make a decision that is informed.

Read Small Print

Most of the accommodation providers (including shared apartments, halls of residence) have strict guidelines and rules on what you might and might not bring or have with you. There might be other crucial things you might require to know too, such as parking restrictions and health and safety matters.

Find Out What Bills You Would Need to Pay

Remember that the pricing of living in halls of residence or shared en-suite usually includes electricity and water bills, but you might still require to pay for things such as insurance and even a television licence. Then there is a point about internet facility too. You need to find out if you have a good and dependable internet facility int the space or not. Don’t forget that you might get assignments and projects in your course and you might need to do them from your residence. You must have a strong internet connection in your space to ensure that you enjoy a good internet connection. What is the point if you make a haste decision and end up with a loss? What if you assumed that everything is included in your rent but that is not the case? You must make things clear to you before you sign any agreement or contract with the services. After all, there are all types of options available and if you are attentive about these things; you can make the soundest decision.

Take into Consideration the Essentials

Then, you might need things for your bedroom and kitchen. In case you move into halls of residence, you need to check out what is there already so you don’t purchase things gratuitously. Whether whether dual occupancy studio or any other space; you need to know what you must bring along and what not. What is the point if the space is filled with all the essentials but you think that you need to get them along you to the space and you buy everything? Such an expenditure might turn out to be a loss for you. You must make a list of things that are already available or provided in the space and then buy things that you need and aren’t there.

What can You Actually Afford?

Diverse types of student accommodation often mostly different costs, for example, living in halls might be much cheaper than that of renting your own flat and rental prices might vary tremendously, depending on the region of the country that you are going to university in. So, as piece of your University 2018 checklist, the foremost thing to do is work out the type of accommodation that you are in a position to afford within your budget.

What Type of Contract will You Have?

Remember that the contracts for university owned halls are generally nearly forty weeks long, as you are not really expected to pay over the summer months, whereas, with a private landlord, you could be expected to pay for a longer period or term. When you know how long you will need to pay rent for, then you might work out how much it is likely to cost in total for the year. Remember again, most of the times rent takes up the hugest percentage of a student loan and there might be quite a difference in the figures when you peep at the overall cost.


So, since you have a fair information or idea about student accommodation options; make sure that you make an informed and sound decision. A good place for your stay is only a decision away.


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