Congrats! You’ve decided it’s time to move into your first apartment. Whether you’re moving to start college or simply set out on your own, relocating into your own place for the first time can be an intimidating process that you can manage by consulting service accommodation management.

While some stresses will inevitably arise, the process should go pretty smoothly if you’re well-prepared.

Here, we’ll provide you with some key tasks you should complete before moving into your first apartment.

Make a Budget & Stick to It

Budgeting for your new place and life (not to mention the move itself) can be tricky. You should plan your financial situation out very carefully, so you have enough money to cover your essentials:

  • Find out how much you’ll need for the move itself and the new stuff you plan on buying. These purchases can include a variety of items like new furniture, appliances, bathroom essentials, and cleaning supplies.
  • You should also estimate what your net monthly income will be. This way, you’ll be able to determine if you can pay for rent, utilities, food, and other costs of living.

Choose the Right Location

If you’re moving to be close to school or work, your location choices will be more limited.

This doesn’t mean you should settle for just anywhere. Take a careful look at different apartments available throughout the area you want to move to.

When deciding where you want to live, consider factors like:

  • The cost of living in the area
  • Amenities (local businesses, entertainments, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, grocery stores, etc.)
  • Safety and crime rates
  • Transportation options (availability of public transport, parking availability, road infrastructure)

Inspect Potential Apartments

Before making a final decision, inspect all of the apartments you’re interested in. This will help you narrow down your choices and find a safe place to live.

When you’re viewing apartments, make sure you look for signs of:

  • Water damage (musty smells, dark spots on walls and ceilings, crumbling paint, mold patches)
  • Pest infestations
  • Security issues (broken fire alarms, sub-par security systems in the apartment building)
  • Poor upkeep (carpet stains, loose floorboards, leaking faucets)
  • HVAC issues

Though it may not be your permanent living situation, your first apartment is going to be something you’ll always remember. Make sure it will be a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Understand Your Lease & Your Rights

Before you sign your lease, ensure that you understand it inside and out. Some points you should review twice include:

  • Policies for rent payment and late rent
  • Visitor policies
  • Parking availability
  • Storage availability
  • Maintenance hours
  • Trash pickup days

As a tenant, you have certain rights that your landlord must protect. Your landlord needs to ensure your apartment is a safe place to live and can’t neglect to make repairs to a heater or plumbing system.

Make sure to communicate any special circumstances to your landlord ahead of time, like If you have an emotional support animal. According to these ESA FAQs, your landlord is not allowed to charge a tenant an additional fee for an emotional support animal.

While most landlords are honest, it’s up to you to protect yourself from any malicious intentions.

Pack Efficiently

Create a plan for packing your items efficiently. Start packing as early as possible, use the appropriate packing supplies, and keep everything organized using labels. Ensure fragile and valuable items are carefully protected.

Consider decluttering and donating or throwing out unwanted items. This will make packing and unpacking easier and help you start fresh in your new place.


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