Most people nowadays lead chaotic lifestyles and rarely have a chance to pamper themselves and de-stress – hence the reason why pamper parties are rising in popularity. They are a hit with people of all ages and genders, promising a relaxing, memorable time for everyone in attendance. Here is everything that you need to know if you are looking to plan a pamper party for your own birthday or to celebrate a special occasion for a loved one.

Pick your pleasures

There are many different types of pamper parties to choose from and lots of pamper party ideas from which to generate inspiration online. For instance, you might decide to book a few massage therapists to treat your guests to aromatherapy massages and perhaps some reflexology or facials. Or maybe you’ll opt to hire a nail technician or two to give everyone manicures and pedicures? Or a hairdresser to offer to cut, color, or style your guests’ hair? The options are endless and entirely up to you.

Keep the drinks flowing

What’s a spot of pampering without a glass of bubbly, a sinfully sweet cocktail, or an ice-cold beer to complement the experience? Consider hiring Event Bartenders to keep the drinks flowing and your guests’ glasses full. You will be able to select from a variety of bartending packages based on your budget, the length of your event, and your personal preferences.

Think carefully about your guest list

Unless you have saved up for the event well in advance, it is best to keep the guestlist for a pamper party small. This is because most beauty treatments tend to be quite expensive – probably significantly more than what you might pay for entertainment at a regular birthday party. Before sending out invites, take the time to calculate how much you are willing to spend and then request quotes from pamper specialists or pamper party companies. From there, you’ll be able to work out how many guests your budget will cover.

Consider the venue

Due to the fact that most pamper parties have minimal guests, it is indeed possible to host them at home or out in your yard. However, if you want to invite a few more people or you are keen to make the event as special as can be, you might want to think about hiring a suitable venue. Some pamper party companies can provide you with the whole package – access to pamper specialists, as well as a venue – which can prove more cost-effective. In these cases, you will usually only have to worry about supplying your own food and drinks.

As with all other events, remember to start planning your pamper party well in advance to ensure that you’re able to book the best pamper specialists and set everything up with as little stress as possible. Also, be sure to send out ‘save the date’ notices to your guests about six weeks ahead of the event and official invitations four weeks beforehand. Most importantly, enjoy every moment of the celebration!


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