Searching for the perfect swimsuit can be as stressful as packing for the holiday. Online, there are various styles of swimsuits available to choose from. However, this extensive choice can be tricky. This is especially true as you try to find the perfect swimsuit that will help you to feel confident when you are on the beach.

As people look to book holidays in the upcoming months, the hunt for the perfect swimsuit continues to range on. If you find yourself on the search for a swimsuit for your upcoming holiday, here are a few things that are worth keeping in mind to help you along the way.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Black

Buying a black swimsuit is a habit many of us have fallen into over the years. It is renowned for being a slimming and flattering colour that provides you with a boost of confidence to wear a swimsuit. However, colours such as burgundy, dark green and navy can also provide you with the same level of confidence, whilst injecting colour into your summer wardrobe for your holiday.

For those that feel the most confident in a black swimsuit, perhaps consider one with a pattern on it. It will still provide that boost in confidence when wearing it on the beach, whilst providing you with a pop of colour.

Check The Quality

Swimwear can vary in price, depending on the brand and quality of the materials used to create the swimsuit. Whilst on your search, pick a quality suit that is made from a fabric that will support you. Often with fabrics that feel a thing when being tried on in a store’s changing rooms, will most likely become baggy once they hit the water. Something that you do not want to happen whilst on holiday. By investing in quality materials, means the swimsuit will have higher chances of maintaining its shape and quality over the years.

Sizes Will Vary

Similar to clothes, swimwear will vary in size depending on the store and brand of the item. When you are on the search for a swimsuit, keep in mind that your usual dress size might not always be the best fit. As you go to try items on, be prepared to have to potentially switch your sizing up. Even within the same brand, sizing can still change from swimsuit shape to shape. To ensure that you select the right swimsuit for you, trying on is a must. Alongside this, be prepared to spend a bit of extra time shopping to ensure that you find the right swimsuit that best fits you.

If you decide to take your search online, there are a few things to consider before your buy a swimsuit from an online brand. For instance, if you find a style that you like, order it in a couple of sizes. Since sizes can vary, you want to try the swimsuit in different sizes to see which one fits the best.

Look For Extra Support

For those who have a larger bust or who would prefer to have a little more support, look for retailers who offer swimsuits in specific bra sizes, rather than dress sizes. It is becoming increasingly common for brands to offer underwired swimwear in bra sizes to help provide more comfort and support.

If you shop online, check to see the product details on a swimsuit that catches your attention. Here you will find if there is any lining or support that has been listed. In addition to looking online, you will find numerous brands that offer swimsuits with cup sizes that can go up to bigger sizes such as DD. Brands, such as Moontide, provide an incredible selection of swimsuits. Not only do they come in a vast range of sizes, but they also have a diverse variety of styles, colours and prints.

It is a common trend for larger sizes and bigger cups will not always have a vast selection of products, compared to smaller sizes. This is why Moontide and other companies ensure that their unique collections can be enjoyed by those of different shapes and sizes.

Feel Comfortable

Wearing a swimsuit can cause some of us to feel nervous. As such, it is important to make the experience as stress-free as possible. One of the most important things to remember when looking for a swimsuit is that it has to be comfortable. Whether that means more coverage or less coverage, feeling comfortable will help to ensure that you feel confident when wearing your chosen swimsuit.

The search for the perfect swimsuit will vary, as it depends on where you look and the style you are looking for. These factors, changes in size, extra support or different colour, will make the process of searching for the right swimsuit a little bit easier. In doing so, you might find the right swimsuit for you that marks all of the right boxes. Most of all, it will have you feeling confident as you enjoy the warm weather on the beach.


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