With so many pet-friendly accommodations, attractions, and establishments out there, it’s little wonder why so many pet parents are now bringing their pets along on their vacations. And with winter coming, going on a winter trip with your fur baby is a great way to spend the holidays. Whether you’ll be spending time at a ski resort or visiting a snow-laden national park, you’re sure to have a wonderful time seeing new places with your precious pet in tow.

But before you start planning all the fun winter activities you can do with your pet, you have to properly prepare for the trip first. Making sure that you have everything you need to keep your dog or cat safe and comfortable will mean less stress for you to deal with during your vacation. To ensure that your next winter vacation with your furred friend goes smoothly, it’s smart to bring the following pet items on your trip:

Pet Food, Pet Snacks, Water, and Portable Bowls

While you’re making your way to your destination, your dog or cat might get thirsty or hungry along the way. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find your pet’s preferred brand of food or snacks while you’re in transit, even more so if you’re traveling during a snowy day. You may also find yourself in situations where your fur baby is particularly sensitive to certain ingredients in the pet food offered by pet-friendly businesses.

To keep your dog or cat well-fed during the entire trip, it’s best to bring your own supplies of pet food, pet snacks, and drinking water. You’ll also need to pack some customized folded travel bowls so that you have portable receptacles where you can place your pet’s food and water whenever it’s time for them to eat or drink.

Pet Winter Wear

It might be fun to see your pet frolic in the snow, but if they aren’t protected from the chilly temperature, they’re at risk of getting frostbite and hypothermia. It’ll be difficult for your pet to enjoy the snow if they’re shivering from the cold, after all. And even if you own a dog or cat with thick fur, you’ll never know when your Newfoundland or Maine coon will need an extra layer of warmth during your winter holiday.

So, consider investing in a few pet jackets, pet hoodies, or pet winter coats to keep your fur baby warm as they explore their snowy surroundings or chill back at your place of accommodation. These types of pet clothing also come in various styles, so your dog or cat are sure to look winter-ready in your holiday photos.

A Pet Bed, a Blanket, and a Heating Pad

Unfortunately, some pet-friendly accommodations don’t provide beds for their guests’ fur babies. As for those that do, you can’t always be sure that the provided pet beds are the right size for your dog or cat.

Just to be on the safe side, it’s in your best interest to bring a pet bed along on your winter trip. It’s also a good idea to pack a heating pad and a blanket in case it gets especially chilly during your stay. With these items on hand, your pet is sure to stay warm and cozy when it’s time to rest from the day’s activities.

Paw Protection

Letting your pet frolic in the snow is a great way for them to enjoy the winter weather and get some exercise in at the same time. However, you have to make sure that their paws are sufficiently protected from the elements before you allow them to play in the snow. This is because long periods of exposure to the cold can make your pet more susceptible to harmful conditions such as frostbite.

Given this, you’ll want to buy a pair of sturdy snow boots for your pet. Not only will they protect your pet’s sensitive paws from the snow-covered ground, but they’ll also shield their paw pads from road-thawing agents like deicing salts.

Pet paw balms, salves, and waxes also come in handy during winter trips. When applied to a dog or cat’s paws, these pet care products provide an added layer of protection from the harsh winter weather and icy or snowy paths. These products can also soothe a pet’s paw pads after they’ve spent lots of time outside in cold weather. In short, applying a bit of these pet paw protection products before and after your pet plays in the snow can help keep their paw pads in good condition.

Traveling to a snowy destination with your precious fur baby can be fun and memorable. However, it’s important to prepare the right items for yourself and your fur baby before heading off on a winter trip. After all, the cold weather presents a lot of possible problems for you and your pet, and if you aren’t careful, you or your fur baby could find yourself in harm’s way. By packing the items mentioned above, though, you’ll find that your winter holiday will go a lot more smoothly.


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