Wondering what to wear to your first massage session? The reality is that what you wear during a massage is up to your personal preference. When it’s time to begin a massage session, your massage therapist will tell you to undress to your comfort level. This can mean either staying fully clothed, remaining partially clothed, or undressing completely. The goal of any massage is wellness, comfort, and satisfaction. Your level of dress is key to experiencing the full wellness benefits of a customized massage.

Fully Clothed

It’s possible to receive a massage while remaining fully clothed. A professional massage therapist has the skills to perform a massage regardless of the attire you wear. You can enjoy the benefits of massage techniques while dressed, however, you may lose out on the thoroughness that comes when a massage therapist has whole muscle contact. Keep in mind that massage therapists use massage lotion or oils to reduce friction during the massage. When you remain fully clothed, you may risk getting some of the massage lotion or oil on your clothes.

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Many people choose to remove a limited amount of clothing to allow their massage therapist direct contact with their skin while maintaining a degree of modesty. Again, the key to choosing how much clothing to wear depends entirely on your comfort level. Your massage therapist will be able to perform an effective massage over clothing but if you have a specific problem area that needs to be worked out and it’s covered, you may miss out on the overall calming experience.

Professional massage therapists are trained in a variety of massage modalities such as deep tissue, Swedish massage, sports massage, and prenatal massage. Having completed a massage therapy course, your therapist is skilled at helping you through the power of touch and the art of intention with techniques that target trigger points, energy balance, and lymphatic fluid.

Fully Undressed

For those who want to experience the full therapeutic experience of bodywork, fully undressing allows your massage therapist to perform long, uninterrupted strokes. If you’re comfortable going fully nude during your massage session, your massage therapist will use proper draping techniques with the sheets on the table to ensure your private areas are covered. Only the part of your body being worked on will be undraped during the duration of the massage session.

Whether you choose to be semi-clothed or fully undressed, your massage therapist will ensure your modesty and respect their professionalism by using towels. Some massage therapists use towels when performing dry massage styles to help reduce friction and achieve a deeper pressure without risking the slip of their hands due to massage lotion or oil.

To conclude, there is no one definitive answer to the question of what to wear to a massage. Some people prefer to wear loose, comfortable clothing such as yoga pants and a T-shirt. Others may prefer to wear fewer clothes especially if they are at an all-day spa experience. It really depends on your personal preference. Just make sure that whatever you choose is not too restrictive or uncomfortable.


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