Pedestrian accidents can be disastrous and may change your life permanently or even result in your death. Sadly, these accidents are prevalent in cities such as Newburgh, located in New York, with a population of approximately 28,444 people. Its main economic activities are healthcare, education, manufacturing, and tourism.

Newburgh’s high population density and busy roads create the perfect conditions for frequent pedestrian accidents. Most of these accidents are due to negligence, and recent statistics in 2019 show that 47 pedestrians lost their lives due to pedestrian accidents. Hiring an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer is necessary if you face such accidents.

Newburgh pedestrian accident lawyers could help fight for compensation and lead you through the lawsuit process. In this article, we will discuss the types of negligence that cause pedestrian accidents so that we can work towards creating safer streets and prevent such accidents from occurring. Let us begin.

Failure to yield the right of way

Right of way is the right of pedestrians to continue moving with precedence in a specific location or situation, like adhering to traffic signals. In this case, when a pedestrian is directed to proceed onto the crosswalk, a motorist should stop driving through to allow the pedestrian to cross the road.

Failure to yield the right of way happens when a motorist or pedestrian violates traffic regulations by proceeding without giving precedence to the other party.

Lying, working, playing, or standing on a roadway

The driver or motorist can’t avoid an accident with a pedestrian lingering in the roadway. In such circumstances, the pedestrian will be responsible for the accident. On the other hand, careless drivers are deadly for those who work on the side of the road.

To avert such occurrences, there should be signs that indicate construction work on roads and the workers should wear visible gear. Similarly, drivers must be more cautious around a worksite on the road.

Not crossing the road or intersection in the proper manner

This happens when a person crosses the road or street in a different area at a designated crosswalk (Jaywalking) or tries to cross at the last minute before the traffic light changes. In cases where pedestrians cross the road incorrectly, drivers have little time to react, resulting in a pedestrian accident.

Use of drugs, alcohol, or medication

Most pedestrian accidents result from intoxication by either a motorist or a pedestrian. Drugs and alcohol can negatively affect your judgment, making crossing the street or operating a vehicle impossible or dangerous. This situation can cause fatal or life-altering accidents.

Poor Visibility

Every person needs to see to judge a situation properly. Many factors might cause poor vision and result in pedestrian accidents. These factors include poor weather conditions, objects on the road, poor headlights on a car, and bright lights shining directly in the pedestrian’s eyes.

Accidents due to poor visibility can hold motorists, pedestrians, or other parties who may be responsible, i.e., the city or road crew, responsible.

Darting or running into the road

This is a common practice for children and adolescents. They find themselves in this mess, oblivious to the oncoming traffic, resulting in accidents, injuries, and loss of life.

The pedestrian has some form of mental or physical disability or illness

A pedestrian with a mental disability cannot judge when to cross the road; some may cross the road abruptly when the motorists are unaware. Such people are supposed to be accompanied by someone in all circumstances.

Other physical disabilities, such as wheelchair users, also contribute to pedestrian accidents, mostly when motorists don’t give priority to disabled people on the roads.

In conclusion, slight negligence can cause a pedestrian accident with devastating consequences. Knowing and understanding the type of negligence contributing to pedestrian accidents is essential for averting such accidents. Pedestrians’ safety is every road user’s responsibility; hence, a collective effort must be put in place to protect the most vulnerable road users in your community.


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