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What you need to know about Retirement homes

What you need to know about Retirement homes

Retirement homes, also referred to as older people's homes are housing facilities with suite rooms, apartment-style rooms, stand-alone structures, or townhouses intended for the elderly.


Retirement homes, such as Traditions of America, also referred to as older people’s homes are housing facilities with suite rooms, apartment-style rooms, stand-alone structures, or townhouses intended for the elderly. Retirement homes give the elderly a place for socialization, recreation activities, independence, and medical care where needed. The primary purpose of such facilities is to have the elderly enjoy various accessible facilities within a community of like-minded people, the retirement village residents.

Sometimes, all an elderly person needs are some time away once in a while to take it easy. This is where retirement homes like vivante living come into the scene. Many retirement homes do offer this kind of temporary care arrangement under respite care. The service is provided where the primary caregiver of the elderly person is not available, or some specialized support is needed, especially for those recovering from an illness or surgery. This offers temporary relief and rest to the family caregivers, helping them restore balance and flexibility in their lives.

The senior citizens may also choose to have caregivers in their homes instead of moving to a retirement village. The caregivers assist them in various ways, including personal care (exercise, grooming, toileting, bathing), basic food preparation and related errands, mobility assistance, transportation, home organization, health monitoring, emotional support, personal supervision, or respite services. But then, the warmth of a team of dedicated personnel and the human connection with the fellow senior citizens at the retirement homes is incomparable. Take a look at Chesapeake Manor, a secured and assisted living community for many seniors with over 20 years of experience

What are The Top 5 Benefits of Living in a Retirement Home?

1. Social connections

The emphasis of most retirement villages is on having a very social atmosphere. Therefore, they are purposely designed to allow the elderly community to interact with each other and with the staff members. Unlike being home alone and disengaged, many retirement homes have different social activities implemented into their daily routines, including social outings, game nights, physical exercises, community-style meals, and many others. The strength training and fitness activities can greatly improve their well-being and some medical conditions like memory loss, obesity, and heart disease.

2. Delicious meals that are freshly prepared

Meal preparation can be tasking for the elderly, from menu preparation, shopping for groceries, meal preparation, and cleaning. Such duties need not stress them once accommodated at the older people’s home as meal assistance is provided and care taken to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. Should any assistance in feeding be required, the staff members will always give them a helping hand. The restaurant-style dining kind of set up in the facilities encourages mealtimes with family and friends too.

3. Availability of immediate assistance

The safety of an aging adult is always a concern, especially for those that live alone. When involved in an accident or emergency, it might take a long time before someone can get to them and offer the assistance needed. However, when they live in a retirement village, this is not a concern as staff members are always available to offer the necessary help, and the facilities have alert systems in the homes to ensure safety and security. Those with health issues can have dedicated cursing care available to them 24/7.

4. Specialized care option

With age, the daily chores and responsibilities become hard to tackle and may cause stress for the elderly. Living in a community where these daily living activities are taken care, offers senior citizens a chance to live their lives to the fullest without worrying about responsibilities. Also, for the loved ones that require full-time assistance due to their medical conditions, the community has certified nursing assistants and other well-trained staff members to tend to them.

5. Low maintenance lifestyle

House maintenance costs are hard to avoid when one is living in their own home. Whether it is the lawn that requires mowing, some house areas like the ceiling that require to be repaired, occasional paint works, or not to ignore the leaking taps. The costs related to maintenance might be too much for a senior citizen and end up piling up, as they are no longer in gainful employment. Such costs are not a concern when living in a senior citizen facility, and the units they live in are also relatively smaller and easy to maintain.

What are The Reasons for Respite Care Use?

  • The caregiver needs a break or to travel.
  • The senior citizen needs to sample the senior community service.
  • Their loved one craves a change of pace.
  • To get a loved one to ease up into permanent senior living.

Why is Respite Care Important?

Respite care can be in-home or in-facility. The short term use of respite care is essential to the caregivers as it allows them to focus on themselves and their other responsibilities, manage their personal lives, relax and recharge, have time for pleasure and social engagements, and also have some time to connect with the other caregivers for support and recharge.

The other common benefits of respite care include:

  • A break from daily routine

The daily routine of both the caregiver and the loved one can be routine and boring for both of them, and a respite care break can help break that. While the caregiver takes the time to rest and recharge, the loved one gets to have a new experience with a different environment surrounded by new people while still receiving the care and attention they need.

  • It offers relief and renewal.

Caregiving requires lots of patience, but it is still highly demanding and stressful. Therefore, the caregivers need support to relieve exhaustion and feelings of frustration for their mental health and general well-being. The short-term break that respite care of senior citizens offers allows them to relieve stress and balance out their lives so that they can continue offering the senior citizen care services with the love and professionalism that is required.

  • Professional care

Sometimes the senior citizens recovering from a medical procedure or illness might require personalized care, which their primary caregiver might not have. Most retirement homes have well-trained nurses that can also handle medical emergencies and other needs, so all the parties concerned will have peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in safe hands.


What you need to know about Retirement homes


What you need to know about Retirement homes


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