Whatever The Season, Formentera’s Charm Is Best Enjoyed By Boat

Those who believe that summer is the best time to enjoy the Mediterranean are mistaken. A boat tour of the island offers an ideal year-round relaxing retreat. So here at House of Coco we have teamed up with SPN: the go-to digital resource for all-things Spain to showcase the Top places to visit in Formentera by boat :

  • Es Palmador beach – can only be accessed by boat and has sand so white and water so clear that it seems unreal.
  • Ses Illetes beach – considered one of the best beaches in the world and features in fifth position in the TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards 2015.
  • Faro de la Mola lighthouse – several scenes from Sex and Lucia were shot here – the film in which the wild scenery was as much, if not more, the protagonist than the actors themselves.
  • The Moli – an eighteenth-century windmill whose silhouette was on the cover of the record More by Pink Floyd.
  • Casa Sa Punta restaurant – Next to the harbour of La Sabina, this is a place privileged for its sunset view, to be watched with a glass of champagne or mojito in hand.
  • La Mola Artisan Market – On top of all these experiences, to wander round the stalls of this little market is to completely saturate yourself in the culture and identity of Formentera – dreamy haven for hippy communes who found their tailor-made paradise here. There are stalls selling all kinds of artisan textiles, ceramics, leather goods, jewellery and trinkets. Wednesday and Sunday, 4pm-10pm, Pilar de la Mola.

AboatTime barcos charter Ibiza y Formentera

“You are about to have an experience that will leave a deep impression and, what’s more, I am warning you that sailing is like a drug and can cause addiction.” That’s how definitive the first words by Chimo, the skipper of our boat, were when he called all the sailors together for a welcome aperitif on the deck of our brand-new Lagoon 450.

Being aware of being in the middle of the sea, surrounded by all the blue in the world and listening to nothing but the whisper of the wind mixed with the gentle rumbling of the boat’s engine, is a truly joyful feeling that everyone should get the chance to have at least once in their life.  In this world we live in, we are all prisoners of stress.

Accustomed to the frustration of always having a thousand things to do, every day brings dozens of messages everywhere we turn, which invite us to understand and enjoy life’s little pleasures, to pay attention to the here and now, to connect fully with the present moment and with all the good things that life gifts us.

AboatTime barcos charter Ibiza y Formentera

Living barefoot and in permanent contact with nature, exploring picture-postcard beaches and coves, refreshing yourself in the crystalline water every now and again, seeing the best sunsets of your life and going to bed after gorging on stars are just some of the rewards that are only offered on board a boat. It is certainly hard to imagine any other kind of holiday which promises so much relaxation and which manages to distance us so far from our usual routine.

It could be said that a boat is a destination in itself, in the same way that the most important thing about a holiday is not where you go but what happens along the way.  But if we talk about Formentera that all changes. The first time you see some of its most beautiful beaches you realise that paradise does exist, and it is much nearer than we think.

The other great thing about Formentera is that anyone can find what they are looking for here. If your priority is to dissolve into practically untouched natural spaces, there is Punta Prima, with its intriguing rocky coast.  If you fancy getting off the boat to sit and eat fresh grilled fish, a good place is Es Caló, a little village with a charming pier and various restaurants around it.

AboatTime barcos charter Ibiza y Formentera

Life on board is full of excitement and there are many activities to liven up the hours in the sun, such as snorkelling, diving and waterskiing. Whether travelling on foot, bike or motorbike, there are many interesting routes which run along the tracks within the island, such as the Camí de Sa Pujada, a path around 1500m long which passes an ancient Roman route and affords the best views of the whole island, and also that of Es Vedra, those Ibizan islets steeped in elusive legends.

Photograph : Juan Serrano Corbella

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