What’s stopping you from sleeping at night? A guide to good bedroom hygiene


A lot of our time is spent in our bedrooms, therefore keeping them clean, tidy and hygienic is really important, especially when it comes to our minds, health and well-being. Here’s why having a dirty bedroom may be doing you more harm than you think!



Dust bunnies make an appearance way to often and it’s really important to keep on top of them, because although they may seem harmless, they’re not as cute as they sound and can affect your health.

Dust has been found to contain a whole bunch of toxic chemicals that can enter your home in a variety of ways. From drifting in through your windows, being in household products or attaching themselves to your shoe on your walkabouts, all of these components work together in manifesting the perfect dust bunny!

Not only can these cause allergic reactions, they can worsen asthma and cause severe skin irritation. Now, let’s grab a hoover and cloth!  



Okay, so this one is gross. Dust gathers absolutely everywhere, but our bed sheets take the majority of it because that’s where our skin cells gather the most. When we sleep, our skin cells come off  in to our beds which can only mean one thing… DUST MITES! How can one sleep knowing that they’re laying among these critters while they’re having a feast?

Not only can dirty bed sheets harbour mites, they can manifest bacteria which can clog your pores and cause skin breakouts. They can also set of allergies and worsen eczema prone skin.

To prevent build up of dusty, oily and sweaty bed sheets, it’s best to wash them once a week.

Let’s avoid all this and make sure we’re snuggled in rose smelling bedding tonight!



I don’t know about you, but being surrounded by a messy environment makes me feel stressed, and being a woman, it’s only a matter of seconds before my girly clutter piles up! If the last thing we see at night before we switch off the lights is a floor full of dirty socks and t shirts, the mess is bound to make us feel a little uneasy, even if we’re not aware of it. 

If we can keep on top of clutter habits, we’ll be able to go to sleep feeling more calm and relaxed, because everything will be in its place.  

It really is true that a cleaner room equals a clearer mind!



Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a corner in our bedrooms dedicated to cold mugs of tea and half eaten bowls of cereal… no? Just me?…

Leaving dirty dishes around is a terrible habit, a habit which can spread a crazy amount of bacteria. Not only this, different foods attract different bugs, therefore having cups and bowls of God knows what in your room means you may be inviting in unwanted guests!

Let’s make a pact to take down at least one item every time we leave our rooms. I’m sure we’ll sleep better if we choose to fill our space with pretty bedroom decor over nibbled pizza!


I’m pretty sure we’re all guilty of at least one of the above, so let’s take down the cups, freshen the sheets and make our bedrooms in to the perfect squeaky clean chill zones! 

[Image source: upsocl.com]