Marketing can be expensive, but thankfully it doesn’t need to be. When you want to brand yourself successfully, it’s more than likely that you will be trying to utilize custom t-shirts to gain attention from any potential clients. As a result, you want to find the best deal possible to have a noticeable return on investment so that you’re not wasting resources your company doesn’t have when you don’t need to. To ensure that you have the absolute best information possible, Mato and Hash have the best and precisely what you need.

Consider the Sizing That You Need

The average price for customizing t-shirts will change depending on your sizing. As our society is leaning toward smaller sizes, you’ll find that smaller ones are cheaper in most cases. For example, an extra small will not cost you the same as a size 3x. Keep in mind that this is due to material costs as well. As a result the bigger size will usually be a bit more.

While some companies will try and upcharge you as much as twenty dollars or more for a plus-size option, custom t-shirts won’t do this. As a result, it will become far more straightforward for you to decide whether you want multiple sizes for your promotion or just one size.

Everyone has a different size and has another body type, and it’s a wise investment to get multiple sizes. One size only appeals to one demographic of potential clients, which is a common mistake that new companies make when trying to brand themselves. As a result, you need to understand that while you will be paying more for additional sizes, it’s worth it in the long run.

A Fitted T-Shirt And Be More Comfortable

One of the best options you can take is considering whether or not you want fitted t-shirts. An example of what we mean is that if you look at men’s custom t-shirts, they’re usually a little looser and don’t hug the body. On the other hand, a female shirt will not have that flexible baggy area at the bottom, and instead, the waist curves slightly. That created a more comfortable option to wear.

That is because you’re not pulling at different areas on the shirt, and it doesn’t hang in the regions that are uncomfortable. The best part about more fitted options is that in many cases, a fitted shirt will cost the same as a standard option for custom t-shirts, so this won’t be a detrimental aspect when considering the price.

Custom T-Shirts Will Require Shipping

Ordering custom t-shirts will require shipping though many shops will also offer a local pickup option; keep in mind that any shipping item will cost you money. However, if you’re paying for bulk items, it will cost you more because the boxes will be heavier, and you’ll have to make additions for that.

What Will Custom T-Shirts Cost Me?

On average, custom t-shirts will run you around nineteen dollars for a size extra small to a size large. They will come in multiple colors that you can use, and your logo will sit right on the chest. As mentioned above, a fitted option is the same price. However, if you want to go into different styles, such as bowling shirts or polos, it will cost you an additional amount. That fact is actual for tank tops and other options that you will find. Another style you should consider for sizing is kid’s shirts, and they will cost you the same as an adult shirt or a fitted shirt because these are the more plain options available.

As mentioned before, the material cost is higher in plus-size options, so you’ll pay a different price. The plus-size options have the same colors and customizations as the other sizes. The only difference here is that the price will rise to the mid-twenties range at twenty-three dollars for a 1x, 2X, and 3X. Most companies will not go past a 3X, which could be a problem if you need bigger sizing.

Consider The Quantity That You Need

Another prevalent mistake that companies make is that they don’t focus on the quantity of the custom t-shirts they need. For example, many companies will put their orders too low, while others do the opposite. Buying in bulk will cost you a different amount than buying them in bulk, which is something to consider. Maximize your purchase and be smart about how you buy your shirts. If you buy too many, you can experience a loss. As a result, it’s best to calculate the quantity ahead of time to avoid this and other mistakes.

What Material Is The Cheapest?

Cotton material is cheaper than any other. It could be a blend that will be reasonably priced, but cotton still takes the win because of factors like durability and the ability to last for years. There are a wide plethora of benefits to buying this type of material. If the budget you’re working with is tight and you’re trying to get the best deal possible, this is something to consider.

For major events and promotional activities, this is your best option to save money and ensure that you’re less likely to come up with a loss. Another benefit to cotton shirts is that they are breathable and comfortable, better for your potential customers.

Find The Best Deal Possible

Now that you know what you should look for when ordering custom t-shirts, you’ll be able to avoid common mistakes and charges that you don’t need. You’ll also get an additional idea about how to consider pricing, sizing, and customization options that make all the difference in what you’ll have to pay. Each company will have a limited amount of resources at its disposal, and when you don’t want to have to pay more, you can see that you don’t have to. Remember that shipping will also affect the price, so this is something to keep in mind.


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