Wheel Of Fortune Comes To Florida

‘Wheel of Fortune’ is the TV game show that’s been delighting and entertaining American viewers for more than forty years – and now it’s coming straight to south Florida on the hunt for more contestants! If you’ve ever fancied your chances of winning big money on one of the most enduring and popular TV game shows of all time, you’ll get your chance to throw your name in the hat later on this month. You won’t even have to set foot inside a television studio to do it – and you might win yourself some free ‘Wheel of Fortune’ swag just for taking part! 

For many years now, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ has been thinking outside of the box when it comes to finding new players to come and take a spin on television’s most famous wheel, and we mean ‘thinking outside of the box’ literally. The auditions for the show don’t happen within the confines of a hot, box-shaped TV studio; they happen in a bright yellow 36-foot-long Winnebago. 

Whereas TV shows of the past might require potential contestants to travel for an audition, or go through a laborious paper-based application process, ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is different. All you do is hop on board the bus and take part in a stripped back version of the game, and if you’re good enough, you’ll be select. The best news of all is that the so-called ‘Wheelmobile’ is stopping off in Miami on October 26th and October 27th. Get to the Miccosukee Resort & Gaming location on 177th Ave, and you’re in with a chance!

According to the brief which has been handed out by the producers ahead of the Wheelmobile’s visit, the show is open-minded about who would make a good contestant. All that prospective participants have to be is over the age of eighteen, full of energy, have enthusiasm, and bring a sense of fun along with them. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to make sure you’re there at least an hour before each of the six scheduled shows, which are spread across the two days. Shows start at 2 pm, 3.30 pm, and then finally at 5 pm each day. Contestants need to approach the Wheelmobile a minimum of one hour before each show to put their name down so they can take part. 

The game will be played in exactly the same way you’ve seen it on TV, with all of the same rounds. That means you might want to brush up on your spelling and general knowledge, and devise a strategy to decide whether or not it would make good business sense to buy a few vowels and make the process easier for yourself. You won’t win any real cash on the day, but officially-branded ‘Wheel of Fortune’ merchandise will be handed out to every participant – and especially the winner of each show. 

If producers like what they see from you in the audition, they’ll call you back within one month to take part in the show. It’s thought that a week-long south Florida special will air on the show next year – possibly in February – celebrating all that’s good and great about our location. The hosts of the show, Pat Sajak and Vanna White, were spotted In Fort Lauderdale back in May filming content which is expected to form part of that week. Assuming that we’re correct about the ‘south Florida week,’ there will be several vacancies for residents of the area to fill as contestants, so you may never get a better chance. 

The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ show is almost unique in American television in terms of the fact that it’s been on air since 1975, runs every night of the week, and has never once been canceled in all the years it’s been running. To date, more than seven thousand episodes of the show have been recorded. Aside from the brand new episodes, re-runs of ‘classic’ episodes of the show air on rotation on many television networks. Some of the people who watched the first few seasons of the show as children now watch it with their own grandchildren. 

As a consequence of all the time it’s been on-air, and in the public consciousness, the show has been influential over several forms of entertainment. The most notable is mobile slots. Those of you who are familiar with mobile slots will doubtless have played games where one of the bonus features is a ‘wheel of fortune’ round. The design and function of the wheel in these rounds are very similar to the famous one which spins in the television show. There have even been officially-licensed ‘Wheel of Fortune’ mobile slots released in the past, some of which are still online. Very few slot gambling games can rival the riches of the prizes available on the show, although that isn’t always true. More than one thousand people have won jackpots worth in excess of one million dollars on casino website like KongCasino.com. Even in casino form, the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ format has been a sensation. 

Although ‘Wheel of Fortune’ was an American creation, the format has been successfully exported into many different countries around the world. There have been runs of ‘Wheel of Fortune’ in the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, Japan, India, France, Germany, and many other nations. No single host has lasted longer on the show than Pat Sajak, though, who is now officially the longest-running game show host in American television history, beating out even Bob Barker for the accolade. 

Whether you’ve been watching ‘Wheel of Fortune’ for forty years, four years, or never at all, this is a chance that’s available to almost everybody. If you have no alternative plans for October 26th and 27th, consider getting yourself to Miami and taking part in the fun. At worst, you might walk away with a new rucksack. At best, you might just put yourself in contention to win a life-changing sum of money. You never know for sure whether your luck’s in until you spin the wheel and find out! 

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