Surfers like to try new waves whenever they can. One often overlooked surfing destination is Nicaragua. To make the best of any trip it is a good idea to do a little research in advance and choose the best surfing spots before you leave home. Some destinations are pretty expensive, but others are quite reasonable. It is good to have a list of surfing locations that meet the surfer’s needs ahead of time. As with any trip to a different country, prepare in advance by searching for the traveler requirements for the country.

Getting Ready For the Surfing Trip

The best places to surf in Nicaragua can be found by looking on different websites for surfing travel and for the country a person wants to visit.

First, plan the out-of-country surfing trip to the last detail. How will you get there? Will flying in be the best option? Since Nicaragua is a little hard to get to, flying is the best option. Where will you stay? It is a good idea to make reservations in advance at each surfing location. Depending on your nationality, you may need to meet legal requirements for visas, passports, or tourist cards. Flying into Managua International Airport is the recommended route. Pre-book private transfer to save headaches and inconvenience.

Get all the required vaccines in advance. There are some that are required and others that are recommended. Hepatitis B vaccinations should be on the list. What about COVID vaccines?

Consider Northern Nicaragua Surfing Spots

Some of the best places to surf are in Northern Nicaragua. There are great beaches for surfing for all levels of surfing skills including beginner, intermediate, or highly skilled. a few of the best locations include:

  • Rocky Point
  • Nahualapa is a small lovely bay with nice surroundings and a sandy beach.
  • Coco Loco is a secluded bay with beauty and a bigger swell.
  • Playa Santa Maria del Mar is a longer stretch of sandy beach including beachfront properties.
  • The Boom is very well known for its famous break. It is north of an estuary.
  • Aposentillo is a short distance north of the Boom and is beginner-friendly.
  • The Island is worth checking out for its mystic wave. it is a 5-minute boat ride out.

Surfing for the Wealthy

If a person has the money and a taste for luxury, there are perfect surfing locations for wealthy travelers. Nicaragua is competitive with Mexico and Costa Rica with luxury resorts like the 5-star Mukul Beach & Spa Resort. There is a new airport near the resort called Costa Esmeralda Airport.

The years of war and unrest are over, and this country is now safe for travelers. New luxury resorts are being developed, and the future of this travel destination looks bright.

Surfing locations for those with a larger budget include the following.

  • Playa Colorado has an amazing break and luxurious holiday accommodations. One resort is Aurea Villas.
  • Mukul Beach and Spa Resort is luxury at its finest.
  • Panga Drops offers all-inclusive surf packages for those with higher budgets.
  • Playa Santana Resort offers luxury and great surfing.
  • Playa Manzanillo offers exclusive five-bedroom villa stays at Casa Madera.

There are many beaches that offer great surfing at all levels of expertise. Look for the locations that are good for everyone’s skill level and fit within the vacation budget. Doing a little research and making arrangements in advance help ssurfers avoid travel pitfalls and have a great time on any budget. Be sure to meet all travel requirements for the country, and get the vaccinations that are required to keep the whole group safe and healthy.


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