Without a doubt, Canada is one of the most attractive countries to visit. But it is a great place to live as well. Many people aim to go to Canada for many different purposes. Believe it or not, you do not have enough fingers to count all the reasons why you should consider coming over … There are just so many! But before you do cross over into Canada, especially if you are looking for a permanent move, you need to consider the state in which you will live, your job & income, and even group medical services if the worst should happen and you need to cash in your immigrant visitor’s insurance. But don’t worry, here we will talk about everything you need to know before your Canadian venture. 

Before touching any specific subjects, let’s generally talk about Canada. Let’s appreciate the country, which has so much to offer to any visitor, suiting any taste or interest.

Canada is located in North America. It is quite a big country, as it occupies almost half of the entire American continent… Although, the population is smaller than you might expect. Only 36 million people live in the country, predominantly in its southern part. Out of those people, almost 80% of the population live around 200 km away from the US border.

Canada is widely considered to be one of the best countries to live in. It is one of the safest places to live in as well. It is among the top 10 happiest countries in the world, according to a report which came out in 2019. There are two official languages in Canada: French and English. English, because it has always been the dominion of the UK. French, because some parts were initially colonized by France. You can still find these cultural quirks present in the country.

Are you an adventure seeker or a simple tourist, who wants to have a good time? Whatever is your answer, you should definitely mark Canada on your list. And there are several reasons why you should visit… We cannot stress this enough!

Personality of Canada

While traveling to different countries, you definitely feel the change in vibes. This is the specific aura of the country or city. The aura is the first impression of the place you are traveling to. If the vibe is positive and pleasant, it is likely that the country has a nice and inviting personality as well… If the vibe is slightly hard and heavy, then perhaps you should treat this as a warning sign. Make sure that it is the place you really want to be in!

Canada is known for its multiple personalities. They are defined by many modern, multicultural cities, each expressing its own personality. While traveling to Canada, make sure to do some small research on the cities or places you want to visit. There are many places other than the known urban centers, like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

You might be very surprised to discover a thriving maritime culture, people speaking French, descendants of the colonists and indigenous people, living together in different cities. And almost every city is different, each with their own, unique way of being. The greatest part, of course, is that you can feel safe and sound, while walking in the streets of any Canadian city. The crime rate is very low and most cities are relatively small. Moreover, people will always be eager to help you… Should you have any questions or want you any help with the navigation. Do not be afraid to ask!

Small Talks

Canadian people are the ones who do not like the feeling of loneliness. This does not necessarily mean that they would not shut up, or will brag every stranger in the street to express their own opinion regarding clothing. But what can happen is that, if you see a Canadian standing in the long row or queue alone, there is a big chance that s/he will reach you with some simple talk, just to fade away the lonely feeling. Who knows, you might even discover a very good friend in that kind of situation.

Canadian Nature

The next great thing that Canadians can, and must, boast about is their wildlife and nature. Some countries are favored by great nature or natural resources. One of these countries is Canada, for sure!

You might have seen the movies, documentaries or TV shows, featuring great valleys, picturesque landscapes, animals and lakes… In Canada, it is easy to find yourself stunned by natural beauty. There is a high chance that those mesmerizing views were either filmed or shot in Canada.

Canada has everything, for every taste. There is a coastline, mountain ranges, lakes, forests, deserts, and even uncharted, virgin arctic lands. Everything you might have dreamed of. What is more important is than people who are very proud of their country? In our opinion, they have a valid reason to feel that way!

Canadians love to boast about their heritage. This does not make them nationalists. They are patriots, and they know how to take good care of the country, they love the most. Canada has been named as one of the greenest countries in the world. While countries across the globe try to build skyscrapers, leaving only small parks or recreational spaces within the city, Canada tries to make everything environmentally friendly. Canada was one of the first countries to introduce solar power. It also started the trend for vertical parks and plants on rooftops or walls.

Isn’t it attractive?

One of the major reasons why Canada is a popular holiday destination is the variety of outdoor activities. Although the country’s territory is relatively big, compared to many other countries with the same population rate, Canada still has many uninhabited lands. This is a great opportunity for Canadians, as well as for tourists.

Canadians are patriots and are in love with their country. This is why they like to see elements that make Canada what it is today absolutely everywhere… Starting from simple things like money and ending with the online casino games. Online casinos Canada are very popular in the country and many Canadians enjoy to play online slots, especially if they come up with the Canada-related theme.

Many online slot game developers have created distinct slot games for online casinos, featuring Canadian wildlife and different Canada-related topics, such as its great cities and urban centers. The developers have another idea for a new slot game. Prince Harry and Megan Markle have recently moved to Canada. Now, developers have a reason to create a game with a royal theme. We cannot wait to see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and other royal elements, spinning across the reels. Well, if the royal couple moved to Canada from the UK, refusing the throne… Maybe you should also think of moving or perhaps visiting the country? It is just a thought. There must be something attractive about it.

Canadians know how to party

If you think that Canada is a conservative country and there is nothing else to do, other than sight-seeing or hiking… Then you are deeply mistaken! These people know how to party hard. There are plenty of festivals throughout the year. Festivals are also a good example of how hospitable and open-minded Canadians are. Some of the major festivals include Toronto International Film Festival, one of the landmark events in the film industry, Quebec Winter Carnival, Celebration of Light, the single largest fireworks competition in the world, Celtic Colors International Festival and many, many more.


“Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without”, William Sloane Coffin Jr.

Diversity is another great characteristic of Canada.

Diverse cultures, climate, and landscapes make Canada a destination suited to any interest. There are many migrant communities in the country, who create a distinct and diverse environment. The country leads in encouraging diversity policies as well.

There are way more reasons, as to why you should visit the country, at least once. To check if the statement is really true, you should see it all yourself!


Northern girl Laura is the epitome of a true entrepreneur. Laura’s spirit for adventure and passion for people blaze through House of Coco. She founded House of Coco in 2014 and has grown it in to an internationally recognised brand whilst having a lot of fun along the way. Travel is in her DNA and she is a true visionary and a global citizen.

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