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Where to Buy Affordable Workout Clothes for Kids in Australia

Where to Buy Affordable Workout Clothes for Kids in Australia

When it comes to your kid’s workout clothes, high quality does not always equate to high prices.

February 9th, 2022

When it comes to your kid’s workout clothes, high quality does not always equate to high prices. Many well-known brands sell classy yet affordable workout clothes for kids.

Workout clothes are the clothes your kids are sweating in and you have to wash them constantly. Shelling out a big chunk of your cash on them won’t always be worth it. What’s more, your kids can still have fun with their workout classes even if they’re wearing inexpensive workout clothes.

The workout apparel of your kids should not hold them back—they should help them be more active while having fun. Now, if your goal is to find budget-friendly activewear without compromising the quality, the following brands can help you out.


For stylish kid’s workout clothes at a discounted price, Target has been a go-to shop. They have a wide selection of supportive sportswear, classy biker shorts and moisture-wicking tops. They even have an amazing lineup of leggings, including those high-waisted sleek running ones.

Lisa Trujillo

Lisa Trujillo is an Australian activewear brand that spends years perfecting their workout clothing fabrics both for kids and adults. They have an incredible lineup of activewear for your kids’ varying needs, such as sports teams, workout sessions, gymnastics clubs, dance studios or simply outdoor games. They even offer custom-made activewear that’ll surely fit your kid’s preference and size.


Amazon has an exclusive Core 10 line, and it’s amazing. The brand’s build-your-own legging’s quality is superb, and the price point is at $45, depending on how you customise your kid’s leggings. The online retailer also has a fan-favourite brand called Baleaf. It has everything from basic activewear for kids to workout-specific apparel like athletic swimsuits, biker shorts and more at a price of $40 and lower.


Zappos has a wide array of kids clothing, shoes and accessories that come from famous brands, many of which are workout pieces. You’ll get to see different activewear essential brands and classic names like Reebok, Nike and Adidas. Not only that, there are trendy athleisure selections from Koral and Alo Yoga.

To partner with your kids’ activewear, Zappos also has an amazing selection of running shoes from Brooks, Asics and more, all at a guaranteed lower price.

The Iconic

The Iconic is an Australian clothing powerhouse that has a massive variety of kid’s clothing. This includes amazing activewear for everyday activities and sports coming from different popular brands, such as:

  • SAS – a brand dedicated to school-aged girls’ workout apparel. They have shorts, leggings and hoodies in fun and radiant colours that help young girls run, tumble, flip and jump with ease and comfort.
  • Bonds – they stock sports clothes from Bonds Kids like basic tees, as well as shorts.
  • Adidas – The Iconic offers a wide variety of Adidas clothes for your kids, including tracksuits and performance leggings. They even have Disney-branded tracksuits and dance dresses.


Myer is an excellent go-to source when shopping for kids workout clothes, and they have plenty of options available.

  • Champion Kids – if you’re after great quality hoodies, sportswear and tees, then this brand is a great choice. Myer stocks a massive range of kids activewear for everyday activities.
  • Flo Dancewear – If your kid is into ballets, you’ll love the range available from Flo Dancewear. They have several tutus, leotards and ballet shoes to choose from.
  • Nike – looking for graphic tees and fleece tracksuits for your kids? Then you’d love Nike’s broad array of selection.


Another amazing go-to source on the list is Decathlon. It’s a great place to shop for fitness and sports clothing for your kids at a budget-friendly price. They have a full stock of clothing from hiking tees, basketball jerseys to horse riding tops and tennis skirts. Plus, Decathlon offers a number of kid’s shoes that can cater to whatever type of sports your kids are into.

Rebel Sport

Rebel has a huge range of kid’s activewear, regardless of what activity they are into. After all, Rebel is the home of Aussie fitness and sports. They stock popular brands like Puma, Nike, Underarmour and Elle at an affordable price. They have a selection of sports shoes, too.


SurfStitch offers a variety of activewear collections perfect for your kid’s everyday activities. The brand is now one of the most popular retailers of surfwear online. From workout clothes to sports shoes, you name it. SurfStitch has got them all for you.


When out shopping for your kid’s workout apparel, being expensive does not always correspond to good quality. As long as you know where to find these affordable workout clothes, then you’re all good. Many popular brands and shops offer a wide assortment that is stylish and inexpensive at the same time, all without compromising the quality. These workout clothes can surely make your kids feel comfortable while they’re moving around.



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