The world of fashion trends is tricky yet incredibly exciting. But how can you keep up with the super-fast fashion pace? How to find the most reliable information sources to remain in fashion after the next avalanche of trends changes it all? Fortunately, stylists have already done all the daunting jobs for you! All you need is to read this guide and follow the recommended sources.

Don’t Skip Fashion Week Events

The US Fashion Week takes place in New York twice a year. Once in the second week of September and the second week of February, this event unveils some of the freshest fashion tendencies that you can instantly follow. The Fall event is focused mostly on the major Fall and Winter collections by the leading designers, while the second is focused on Spring and Summer. All the most successful outfit designs from the show are instantly picked up by major clothing manufacturers and come to the storefronts very quickly so that you can enjoy the latest styles in your everyday life. The good news is that there are manufacturers in all price segments that recreate top designs in different variations so that you can keep up with the trends regardless of your budget.

Read The Largest Fashion Magazines

All the latest products by major designers are always advertised and reviewed by the most popular fashion magazines. The most authoritative amongst them are:

  • Harper’s BAZAAR (est. 1867) – one of the oldest fashion magazines in the world and the oldest one in the US. It has absolute authority in the industry.
  • Vogue (est. 1892) – another iconic NY-based magazine that originated from a weekly newspaper and became one of the world’s most popular trend reporters worldwide.
  • ELLE (est. 1945) – major European fashion periodical that competes with the US-based giants.
  • InStyle (est. 1994) – this NY-based herald has even more fashionista subscribers than the more authoritative Vogue and Harper’s BAZAAR, so it’s very wise to have it as well.
  • W Magazine (est. 1971) – this medium-sized magazine tells about style through the lens of history, showbiz, cultural changes, etc. It has a unique slant.
  • Cliché Magazine (est. 2009) – one of the first online digital magazines has worked with some of the industries best including Laura Vandervoort, Justin Baldoni, Grace Gealey and Dorothy Wang.

Select Progressive Clothes Retailers

Major apparel retailers always keep up with trends and adapt the recently showcased designs for the major public so that you can go and get what you need in less than a week after the biggest shows. If you live in the US, the best places to shop for the up to date outfits include:


Follow Celebrity Styles

Of course, some celebrity styles from the red carpets are totally insane and cannot be implemented in everyday life, but some of them may influence you very much. You can also follow your favorite celebrities on Instagram to investigate what they wear in their daily life. Some of them will wear very average or weird clothes, but most will share genuinely stylish outfits and combos that you can implement yourself.

Watch Biggest Cultural Events

Some of the most resounding annual events always have lots of stylish celebrities who wear outfits by the best designers in the world. Here is the list of events you shouldn’t skip:

  • Coachella – California-based music and art festival;
  • The Oscars – movie industry awards where some of the most impressive evening dresses are shown.
  • Billboard Music Awards – an annual show focused on awarding new musical talents;
  • The Met Gala – one of the major holidays in the world of fashion;
  • The Grammy’s – the biggest award show in the music industry. Don’t miss its red carpets.

Subscribe to Instagram and YouTube Fashion Influencers

Instagram has quickly become the most popular platform for sharing images, which made it extremely popular amongst fashionistas, fashion experts, and influencers. Here you can find hundreds of authoritative accounts that share examples of the trendiest apparel available on the market. The good thing is that these people scour every authoritative magazine and personally visit fashion weeks to deliver the trending styles to their audiences even faster than any magazine can.

Your Cheat Sheet

The great thing about this list of trend-reporting sources is that there are not too many of them, and they’re all very well-established. It means that you don’t have to search for any other fashion sources for many years upfront! However, you still have to look for trendsetting influencers on social networks yourself, and there are way too many of them today. Stay trendy!


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