Lockdown is relaxing and people are getting more comfortable about venturing outside the house – but perhaps you’re still avoiding the shops? Maybe you’ve grown accustomed to having your groceries delivery coming every week? Or maybe you switched from the generic supermarket brands to straight from the source and you can’t bear to go back?

Whatever the reason, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to get your meat, dairy, fruit and veg – whatever your kitchen cupboards need. If your fridge shelves are short of a few ingredients, we’ve got the best places for you to stock up; if you’re looking for restaurant-quality items, there are a few pantry shops of your favourite eateries of which you might want to make a note.


Get your Greek (and Mediterranean in general) fix from Odysea Ltd. Scour the website to find a variety of kitchen cupboard ingredients, as well as a wide selection of wines, meze dips, breads and much more. Indulge in the rarer Greek cheeses (as well as the classic feta) and stock up on quality olive oils and sauces. If you’re a vinegar snob, you’ll be in your element sifting through this site, as well as checking out the different bottles of molasses, such as pomegranate, carob, grape and date. Don’t miss out on the meze dip selections too; we’re drooling over the red pepper and feta and the aubergine tubs.

Back to the Butcher

Lake District Farmers

The only danger with ordering from Lake District Farmers is that once you’ve had this quality of meat, going back to the supermarket will be something you’re going to be less inclined to do. The size, colour and quality of all of the meats is impeccable. Pork chops that get a not so porky person enjoying every mouthful? These guys have got to be doing something right. Enjoy tasty Cumberland sausages, succulent lamb chops and streaky bacon. You can choose pre-put together boxes, focusing on beef, steak, BBQ or essentials, as well building your own box and choose from various quality cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken.

HG Walter

Bored of the meat selection at the supermarket? Or you simply are just avoiding it despite lockdown restrictions relaxing? Either way, HG Walter could be your one-stop shop for all things meaty. A family-run butchers which is one of London’s most respected, supplying to some of the best restaurants in the city such as The River Café and Kricket. Enjoy the ‘à la carte’ option, choosing your preferred cuts or opt for one of the pre-selected boxes such as the Meat Survival Kit or the BBQ Box. HG Walter offer everything from pork to poultry; veal to venison. It’s all there.


Restauranteur Roberto Costa has launched CasaCosta, which will allow you to get the best ingredients used in an Italian kitchen to your home. Known for heading up Macellaio RC, the artisan steak spot, Costa is focusing on home delivery given the current situation. Ensuring that your kitchen cupboards and fridge are well stocked with the likes of Fassona beef, a favourite of Roberto’s throughout his career, as well as other quality, approved chicken, lamb and sausages. Make space in your larder for an array of charcuterie, fresh bread, pasta and sauces, as well as essentials like eggs, flour, bacon, balsamic, cheese and other dairy products. Don’t forget the fruit and vegetables and there’s even freshly made pizzas, focaccia and pesto for you to feast on. Indulge in classic dishes on the days you don’t want to cook, such as lasagna, cannelloni, polpette and parmigiana. Everything comes in environmentally-friendly packaging which can be reused and recycled, thanks to Woolcool.

Fish to Your Door

Even without Covid, the local Sainsbury’s Local and Tesco Express house few options when it comes to fish. Unless you’re after the basic cod and salmon; perhaps some haddock and prawns if you’re feeling ‘fancy’, it’s hard to get adventurous with the smaller supermarkets. Whether you’re after a wider variety or if you’re also someone who is still wary of going to your local shop under the current circumstances, Fish to Your Door could be the answer for you. A family-run business, having been operating out of Sussex for over 25 years, find the likes of turbot, squid and clams on the website – as well as much more. Buying the majority of their fish directly from local fisherman, they are proud to support these coastal communities and stock responsibly-sourced fish. Shop dover sole, crab and swordfish individually or take advantage of the Family Fish Boxes, which range from £30 to £50, depending on how much you’re planning to stock in the freezer.

Pale Green Dot

Fruit and vegetables are a little trickier to order online, during a regular supermarket delivery. You’re most likely to realise you need things before the online order arrives – or you risk over-ordering in the greens department and having things go off before you’ve had a chance to use them in your new career as a quarantine chef. This is where Pale Green Dot comes in: not only are you getting fruit and vegetables that are supplied to some of the best restaurants in the UK but order before 8pm and you’ll get your box the next day. Pale Green Dot sells a variety of fruit and vegetable boxes, as well as meat, dairy and cheese and boxes by cuisine. Prices start from £15 for fruit and vegetables and go up to £60 for meat. You can also organise weekly subscriptions so you never are stuck short of produce again.

Wolf & Lamb

In partnership with artisan producers, offering top quality produce, Wolf and Lamb delivery service means you can access fresh produce directly at home. No need to go to the shop or trek a little further to your favourite local shop as Wolf and Lamb includes a selection of fruit, vegetables, meat, pasta, deli and dairy products from independent specialists such as The Cheese Merchant, The Estate Dairy, Jones The Butcher and Brindisa. Customers can either curate their own boxes or choose from a pre-made bundle and have these delivered in 48 hours across London, within the M25 and in some parts of Essex and Hertfordshire. The cost of each bundle ranges from £20 to £39.50.


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