The ink of your lease signature is dry, and the keys to your first apartment are finally in your hands. Alone in your home, you feel a rush of excitement, mixed with a bit of nervousness.

You now have a space to call your own, which you can design to reflect your style and taste.

While looking around your new residence, you envision what items to buy. Not only will you need to purchase the basics, like a high-quality mattress and comfy couch, but various decorative pieces as well.

How you outfit your home will impact your lifestyle, social life, and pocketbook.

To ensure you find what you are looking for, you must learn where to splurge and where to save when outfitting your first apartment.

What You Need To Furnish Your First Apartment

The time has come when you have upgraded from decorating a childhood bedroom to furnishing an entire apartment as an adult. There are so many items to buy.

You will want furnishings for your living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathroom. Things like a coffee table, a dining set, an entertainment center, and more.

These are items you never had to consider before.

Thus, you are not yet entirely sure about how much time and money it will take to make your new apartment feel like home.

50 Essential Pieces of Apartment Furniture You Need to Buy

At first glance, it may seem like you do not need to buy much. But upon closer inspection, you will come to realize, there are at least forty-five items you require just to make your apartment functional.

Use the list below as a guide to help you turn your new place from an empty space to a place you call home.

Apartment Furniture By Room

Here are some pieces of furniture you need to buy for each room of your apartment.

1. Overall Home Furniture and Essentials

  1. Toolbox and Various Tools
  2. Wall Hooks, Nails, and Screws
  3. Ladder and/or Step Stool
  4. First-Aid Kit (Band-Aids, Antibiotic Ointment, Gauze, etc.)
  5. Light Fixtures and Lamps
  6. Light Bulbs, Batteries, Power Strips, Flashlights, Candles, and Extension Cords
  7. Cleaning Supplies (Broom, Mop/Bucket, Cleaning Sprays, Detergent, Vacuum, etc.)
  8. Storage Solutions and Space Savers (Bookcases, Tubs, Shelves, Cabinets, etc.)
  9. Fire Extinguisher
  10. Air Fresheners
  11. Window Curtains, Wall Hangings, and Clocks

2. Bedroom Furniture and Essentials

  1. Mattress
  2. Bedding
  3. Wardrobe
  4. Dresser
  5. Closet Hangers
  6. Bed Side Tables

3. Living Room Furniture and Essentials

  1. Couch
  2. Coffee Table and End Tables
  3. Chair and/or Recliner
  4. Television
  5. TV Stand or Cabinet
  6. Entertainment Center

4. Kitchen Furniture and Essentials

  1. Dining Table
  2. Table Chairs
  3. Stools
  4. Dishes
  5. Cookware
  6. Utensils
  7. Glasses/Mugs
  8. Coffee Pot
  9. Cutting Board
  10. Toaster
  11. Paper Towel Rack
  12. Oven Mittens
  13. Dish Towels
  14. Microwave
  15. Can Opener
  16. Cooking Timer

5. Bathroom Furniture and Essentials

  1. Shower Curtain
  2. Plunger
  3. Toilet Bowl Cleaner Brush
  4. Bath Towels
  5. Hand Towels
  6. Hair Towels
  7. Face Cloth
  8. Hand and Body Soap
  9. Toiletries and Toilet Paper
  10. Hair Dryer, Curler, Straightener, etc.)
  11. Bath Mat

Where to Splurge and Save on Furniture

Think beyond the money you need each month to meet your basic needs like rent, utilities, and groceries. Although these are necessary details to include in your budget, you must also consider the costs of apartment furniture and other essential objects, or to give room on your monthly budget, you can search for a buy now pay later couch deal online.

Preparation and a budget are two fundamental factors that will influence the smoothness of the moving process, greatly.

Ideas On What and Where to Splurge and Save on Furniture

Splurge: Choose Quality

You are better off spending a few extra dollars on a high quality new or used piece of furniture than buying a cheaply made piece at a lower cost.

For instance, you want to splurge to ensure you buy a high-quality mattress. According to a new study, the average American spends 36 years in bed throughout their lifetime. We spend half of our life in bed.

Thus, you must figure out what type of mattress is right for you: coil, foam, or a combo of both, and buy it.

Do not skip on quality here. It will cost you more in body aches and pains, which will eventually lead to buying another mattress anyway.

Splurge: Space Savers

Shop in places that market specifically to consumers living in small spaces and buy pieces that save you space in your apartment.

For instance: Shop online via sites like Amazon, where they sell space-saving products like a Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver.

You can also choose to buy from companies that sell furniture designed for apartment space like West Elm Small Space Solutions.

Splurge: Buy-In Groups and Sets

Decorate your apartment with items that match your style and can be bought in groups or sets.

For instance, IKEA offers customers “IKEA Sets.” Quickly choose your decor based on how you want to set the mood for each room. Buy an entire IKEA set, which includes embroidered cushion covers, glass decorations, and coordinated colors.

Save: Muli-Purpose Furniture

Look out for sturdy hardwoods and metals, which offer flexible decor options. Search for a well-made table that can also serve as a desk, a couch that turns into a bed, or a Shelf Floor Lamp.

Save: Buy Used or Get Furniture for Free

Reach out to family and friends to see if they have any used pieces of furniture you can put in your apartment. After all, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Save: Skip the “Pretty” Details at First

Although a curtain for your shower is necessary to keep the water from getting everywhere, it does not mean you need one with a colorful design. In fact, what you need is a shower curtain liner like the one at JCPenny. It may be dull, but it gets the job done while saving you money.


Make moving into your first apartment an experience you will want to remember.

When you prepare for and budget expenses, it will help you not to panic when you look at the numbers.

Knowing where to splurge and save on furniture can help you with creating a comfortable apartment that does not break the bank.


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