No two beaches are ever the same. Some are ideal for a romantic getaway, some are designed for adventure. Whether you are an energetic diver, a beach party-lover or a laid-back sunbather, there is a beach out there ready to match your vibe. So, grab your SPF and your best bathing suit and get ready for the perfect beach vacation.

For the Incurable Romantic – Fare Beach, Huahine, French Polynesia

Whether you are on your honeymoon, about to propose or on your 30th anniversary romantic getaway, Fare Beach in Huahine, French Polynesia is the perfect option for you. French Polynesia is a romantic paradise on earth and one of the most beautiful places in the world, so any island you choose for your vacation will be breathtaking. Plus, if you decide on this South Pacific gem for your proposal, you get the chance to choose a unique ring from a variety of different pearl engagement rings, right from one of the famous pearl farms on the island.

For the Glamourous One – Pampelonne Beach, St. Tropez

If you love to travel in style and enjoy the high life, then Pampelonne Beach, the most glamorous of all St Tropez’s beaches, is the place for you.A hot spot for celebs, St. Tropez is the epitome of glitz and glamor. Here, you have a good chance to spot someone famous while sipping on a tropical cocktail, lounging under your umbrella.

For the Adventurer – Playa Jardín, Tenerife, The Canary Islands

The perfect destination for adventure-seeking travellers, The Canary Islands are the ideal combination between stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife and plenty of adventure opportunities. From mountain biking and hiking to surfing, diving, and even whale watching, Tenerife offers plenty of attractions for its millions of yearly tourists.

For the Old Soul – Spiaggia Grande, Positano

If you love listening to relaxing jazz while sipping your coffee in the morning, or if you enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every once in a while and you appreciate a good vintage bottle, you will probably love Positano. The most iconic village on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is home to breathtaking coastline and spectacular turquoise waters. Ideal for an old soul with refined taste in food and vacation spots, the Spiaggia Grande beach in Positano is the one for you.

For the One with a Colourful Personality – Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

Lively is a major understatement when it comes to Rio de Janeiro. This magical city is home to the most famous carnival in the world, so it only makes sense that this destination is ideal for a very joyful person. Copacabana, the place that makes millions of tourists fall in love with Rio every year, is one of the most famous beaches in Rio. Bursting with nightclubs, restaurants, and hotels, this animated beach is a mood changer, so make sure you stop by when visiting Rio.

For the Relaxed One – Hulhumale Beach, Maldives

If you enjoy a good relaxing vacation and prefer to be one with nature, Maldives is the place to go. This paradise on earth is ideal for taking things slow, enjoying the calm of the place and connecting with nature. Whether you are traveling with your family, friends or rocking it solo, the white sandy beaches of Maldives and breathtaking crystal-clear waters will provide everything you need for the most relaxing tropical vacation ever.


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