Each and every one of us has a distinctive eye shape and lash extensions are by no means one-size-fits-all. So what shape are your eyes? And which lash style suits you best?

Everyone has a wonderfully distinct eye shape and that needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing the right lash extensions. Eyelash extensions are by no means one-size-fits-all! When it comes to your lash technician designing a lash look that complements your eye, it’s crucial they consider the shape of your eyes, whether they are deep-set or round, upturned or hooded.

In order to achieve the appropriate eyelash extension look and effect, lash artists must utilise various lengths, curls, and thicknesses of lash extensions based on your unique eye shape. Using lash mapping, an experienced lash tech will be able to create eyelash extensions that are sure to perfectly suit your eyes.

The team at BELO Lash have studied the most popular eye shapes and created a list of golden rules for you to follow so that you can up your lash game. Stick to their tips and you’ll never step out of an eyelash appointment feeling disappointed again!

First things first, it’s crucial for you to understand the various eyelash extension designs and how lash technicians map them onto the natural lashes before moving on to which kind of eyelash extensions are suitable for the various eye shapes.

Lash Style

Different Types of Lash Extension Styles

Natural Eye

As the name suggests, the appearance of this style simulates natural lashes whilst also improving the natural appearance of the eye. The length distribution will be similar to that of your real eyelashes (predominantly consistent in length), with a few synthetic extensions of various lengths dotted along the lash line to mimic lashes at various growth stages. This application approach is typically employed for those who only wish to enhance their natural lashes.

Open Eye

To create this lash extension look, the centre of the eyelid is given additional length and volume. This draws attention to the centre of the eye and gives it a more open appearance. If you’re someone who’s a little more mature, this style will help make your eyes pop.

Cat Eye

A very popular, sensual variation on traditional volume lash styles is cat eyelash extensions. If you’d like to achieve a more seductive appearance, this eyelash extension approach will lift and lengthen the outer corners of your eyes (much like with winged eyeliner). The length of the eyelash extensions will be smallest in the inner corner and longer in the outside corner.

Fox Eye

Fox’s eyes are the newest trend in eye makeup – and everyone is obsessed with them! A Fox Eye is exciting, sensual, and dramatic, like the glitzy big sister of the Cat Eye. With this look, you can experiment with lash thicknesses and curls, just keep in mind that the aim is to draw attention to the outer corner of the eye and bring the lash shape upward.

Doll Eye

The Natural Eye and Open Eye styles are effectively combined in the Doll Eyelash extension style. In order to make your eyes appear larger, length is applied evenly along the lash line, with slightly longer lashes in the centre. This is one of the most popular styles as doll eye eyelash extensions complement a wide range of eye shapes.

So, which of these styles of eyelash extensions are most suitable for your eye shape?

Round Eyes = Cat Eye

Because round eyes are more circular, they naturally appear larger than other eye forms. Eyelash technicians should avoid using styles like Doll or Open Eye on these kinds of eyes since they may make them appear more astonished than beautiful.

For those with round eyes, ask for lash extensions to be applied in a cat-eye manner to lengthen the eyes. To avoid always looking surprised and to give the appearance of an almond eye, choose a looser curl like a C curl rather than a bouncy D curl.

Visit BELO’s blog, The Ultimate Eyelash Extension Curl Guide, for a more thorough explanation of the variations in lash curls.

Hooded Eyes = Cat or Open Eye

A hooded eye, also known as a monolid eye, is an eye shape with a ‘hooded’ eyelid that reaches all the way to the lash line with no discernible crease in the eye socket. Finding the ideal eyelash curl can be challenging because the root of the lash can occasionally be obscured by the eyelid.

If you have hooded eyes, you may want to stay away from strong curls, such as a D or DD curl, that don’t leave enough room between the extension and the skin of the eyelid, which may leave you feeling rather uncomfortable.

Ask your technician for angled L curls or C curls – the best option for hooded eyes. Depending on what you prefer, the Cat Eye or Open Eye designs can help lift and define monolid eyes.

Upturned Eyes = Cat Eye

Are the outer corners of your eyes higher than the inner corners? You might have upturned eyes. It’s simple to style eyelash extensions for upturned eyes because this results in a natural cat eye effect!

Maybe consider hybrid lashes for a wispy appearance and Russian lashes for extreme volume and drama. Or have fun with a spikey, sexy look by combining premade spikes in a D curl with lashes!

Downturned Eyes = Doll or Open Eye

Unlike upturned eyes, downturned eyes have a lower outer corner than its inner corner. BELO advise positioning curlier eyelashes at the outer corner for eyes that are downturned. When done in this way, C curls and D curls will assist in creating a lifting effect and balancing the downward slope of the eye shape.

Although a subdued Cat Eye may look good on some, this eyelash extension style typically emphasises downturned eyes and can make them look heavy. To highlight the iris and brighten the eyes, try a Doll or an Open Eye look.

Close-set Eyes = Cat Eye

Although technically more of an eye position than an eye shape, close-set eyes still require a properly planned eyelash extension style. The distance between the inner corners of a pair of eyes needs to be one eye length or less to be considered close-set. Consider the length, length, and more length!

For those with close-set eyes, ask your lash technician for longer eyelash extensions all along the eyelids, increasing the overall size of the eyes. Consider requesting a Cat Eye which will direct the focus to the outer corners of your eyes and make them appear wider apart. Any lash curl that you prefer will work to create this impression, as close-set eyes are more about the position of the eyes themselves.

Wide-set Eyes = Doll Eye

You guessed it—they are wide-set eyes too! Eyes that are separated from one inner corner to the other by more than one eye length are considered to be wide-set. For the proud owners of these peepers, go for a Doll’s Eye eyelash extension style with tapered eyelashes at the inner and outer corners.

Whether you want volume fans or classic lashes, this lash design will enhance your features and draw attention to the centre of each eye.

Deep-set Eyes = Doll or Open Eye

Looser curls and longer lengths are essential for our beauties with deep-set eyes. Going for long extensions with a strong curl might result in the eyelashes coming into contact with the brow bone, which can be irritating and cause deep-set eyes to sit farther into the eye socket.

You can help draw the eyes out from behind the brow bone and open them up by opting for a lash style like a long C curl. If you have round eyes, try a Doll Eyelash mapping; for other eye shapes, use Open eyelash mapping.

The BELO team understand how crucial it is to perfect each and every pair of lash extensions. Make sure you’re prepared and ready to lash every eye shape by browsing our selection of eyelash extensions!

Almond Eyes = Jackpot!

Most technicians will agree that the most common eye shape is almond eyes. Compared to other eye forms, almond eyes are the most adaptable when it comes to eyelash styling, so most lash techs will rely on your own preference to determine the eyelash extension design.

If you have almond eyes, you’ll suit both Natural and Open Eye styles made with traditional eyelash extensions. In order to give classic lashes enough bounce without looking “too much” (if there were such a thing! ), ask your technician to use D curls.

For a more dramatic look, try a Doll, Cat, or Fox Eye design. Don’t be frightened to try new things as most trends will look good on you!


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