Double Net lease is lease real estate which gives rich opportunities to both the landlords or property owners, who can get a constant income flow on their investments and the tenants who get a space to engage, where they can run their business. There are many differences in the net lease business, where the tenants and landlords have different financial liabilities for the property. These are the Triple Net, Double Net and Single Net leases. Signnn is the best lease company that specializes in selling and buying double nn properties for investors and private establishments from restaurants to retails. They are experts in all types of net leases .As most of the investors are aware of the NNN lease business and its concept, it becomes easy to choose the double net properties. There are different variations of net leases that help to adjust these building expenses and additional costs between the landlords and the tenants:

Features of Double Net Lease: In a double net lease, the tenants accept to pay the taxes and insurance fees for property along with some fixed rental rates. As compared to the single net lease, the financial responsibility to the tenant is more in double net lease but it also makes the landlord to look after the repairs and pay for maintenance fees. In case of multi tenant buildings or shopping malls, the taxes and insurance premium is distributed amongst the other renting tenants of the building on a pro-rata basis.

The considerations of Double Net lease: As a double net lease controls the financial risk for landlords, taxes and insurance for property, they still pass through them to make sure that the payments of these expenses are made on time and correctly. Therefore, instead of simplifying this process can lead to more complications. And to add more the tenants are required to consider the taxes and insurance payments for property along with the responsibility of these expenses that could, in some cases outweigh the lower rates in rent.

What Kind Of Insurance Do Nnn Lease Holders Can Avail

If you have a double net lease or a NNN lease, you are required to pay for the insurance of the property. In order to make sure that the building is accurately covered as per the terms of the agreement, you need to have a general liability and commercial property insurance. In the event of property damage may be due to fire, storm or any other kind of accident, this property insurance will offer you protection. Flooding is not included as it requires a different policy. In case of robbery, this type of insurance will provide coverage to you. If someone gets injured on your property, the liability insurance will provide protection and coverage

Conclusion: After knowing about the different types of net leases and the payment responsibilities of taxes, insurance and maintenance, it is important to have a clear view of all additional expenses to be distributed. Because the NN and NNN leases are commonly used in Commercial Real Estate business, therefore the tenants, who are interested in investing in these properties, should sign the agreement wisely so that you do not come across any surprises later on.


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