Have you been searching for the perfect private venue not far from Birsbane? If so, your search is over, you have found it at the Smoked Gararge! Located in the heart of Fortitude Valley, the Smoked Garage is perfect for a wedding, birthday, or any other private event. The Smoked garage prides itself in offering the very best to guests at a reasonable cost. If you have an event coming up in the near future, take a look at what the Smoked Garage Venue Hire can offer.

Incredible Birthday Party Venue

We all know how special a birthday party can be, however it can be quite difficult to find the perfect venue for one. Many people may choose a restaurant, bar, or their home for a birthday party. While these can work, each offer pros and cons. Bars and restaurants are fine, however neither will really offer a private setting where people can sit back and relax. While a home birthday party leaves you with dealing with all of the prep and cleanup. Choosing the Smooked Garage will offer you a private setting in one of the three large venue rooms in a 100-year old gorgeous home. Additionally, they will take care of everything allowing for everyone to have a good time.

Business Function Room

The Smoked Garage is a perfect location to fulfill all of your business needs. Our 100-year old house is relaxing but business oriented. We are situated to hold large corporation and business events. Whether you are looking for an area to unwind or further training, the Smoked Garage has the ability to seat over 100 guests. The Smoked Garage is the perfect setting for team building, coffee meetings, or to simply have a presentation outside of the office. We offer a number of drink and food packages to make your business function events as relaxing and entertaining as possible.

Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime special event, so it is important to do as much as possible to make it a day as glorious as your dreams. Which is why our 1800’s style home is a grand location for a wedding venue. We have a number of options available that will ensure your day is as perfect as you have always dreamed. Our large rooftop private room is one of the more popular choices as it is stunning and able to suit your style and needs perfectly. We work with you hand in hand to ensure that every aspect of your wedding venue is perfect and meets your specifications. We understand the importance of your wedding day and will do everything possible to make it a day you will always remember.

Whether you are looking to rock a birthday party, business meeting, or a wedding, the Smoked Garage is available to meet and exceed all of your needs. We want every experience you have here is memorable and stress free. Do not weigh yourself down with all of the responsibilities of trying to host a venue on your own. Please feel free to contact us today and let’s discuss what the Smoked Garage can do for you.


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