The best thing about traveling is getting to know more about the world piece by piece. It’s how people can resonate with people, cultures, traditions, and historical places way ahead of their time.

While traveling is a man’s pleasure, it can be difficult to choose the best destination to visit. Alongside this dilemma is having to consider other factors like budget, accommodation, traveling restrictions, and even the weather.

However, traveling is scientifically proven to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health when done right.

A trip to Egypt is one of the best and most unique travel experiences you must do at least once. This is your destination if you want to travel through time and immerse in long-built history.

As the world’s oldest civilization, Egypt has truly stood through time. From the iconic pyramids and treasure-filled tombs to the land of the mummies and the greatest pharaohs, there’s more to Egypt than you know on the surface.

Embarking on a historical tour of Egypt unveils the enduring legacy of the world’s oldest civilization. Egypt’s historical tapestry surpasses surface-level expectations, from the enigmatic pyramids and opulent tombs brimming with treasures to the captivating realm of mummies and the reigns of mighty pharaohs.

Immersing yourself in Egypt’s iconic attractions becomes captivating, as the country boasts many renowned landmarks. With countless reasons to visit this mesmerizing sandy paradise, the irresistible allure of Egypt as your next travel destination calls upon you to explore its abundant historical treasures.

Why Egypt?

Of all the places in the world, why choose Egypt as your travel destination? Not only does Egypt let you experience a unique and rich culture but it also allows you to travel through time and history. By going through the famous landmarks of Egypt, you’ll be able to see how people lived in ancient Egypt.

When crafting the best Egypt travel itinerary, there are some must-see tourist spots that you should go to. This includes checking out famous tourist spots like the city of Alexandria and the breathtaking Pyramids.

If you want an immersive experience across the waters of Egypt, then you should check out the Felucca Odyssey or Jewels of the Nile. These tours will allow you to sail through the waters while experiencing Egypt from a whole new perspective.

Do you still need a little more convincing to go on a trip to Egypt? Then these top reasons why you should travel to Egypt might help solidify your decision!

1. Home of the World’s Longest River

It’s not a coincidence that the longest river in the world – the Nile River – flows through Egypt. If not for this, Egypt would have been nothing but a plain dessert.

The river running over 4000 miles is considered Egypt’s lifeline for this reason, too. It’s a source of irrigation for many middle east countries, as well as a transportation and trade route.

A lot of private tours to Egypt offer a cruise through the Nile. This experience opens more spectacular views and wonders along the river. Moreover, it’s a place to learn about the vast history of Egypt and its ancient cultures through expert Egyptologist guides.

Along the way, you’ll pass through numerous trip highlights and some of the world’s most impressive historical sites. This includes the following jewels.

  • Aswan
  • Karnak & Luxor Temples
  • Pyramids and Sphinx
  • Valley of the Kings

Most private tours of Egypt shape the greatest adventures you will ever experience, like the comfort of a home.

2. Trip to Diverse Landscapes and Sunny Beaches

You’re not only getting views of sand when traveling through Egypt. The nation can offer you so much more than that.

Egypt is also rich in crystal clear beaches with the best places to dive in. Its location in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea offers diverse and picturesque views. Egyptian seas are known for their bright corals and colorful schools of fish.

In fact, the best time to travel to Egypt is during summer when the temperatures are warm. Besides the diving opportunities beneath its waves are hiking and mountain climbing adventures to its historic mountains.

Fun fact: Egypt is home to Mount Sinai or “Mount Moses”. Many tourists find it fascinating to visit this holy site.

There’s no doubt almost all travel packages to Egypt offer these diverse opportunities. From day boats and shore dives to hiking trips, no pictures could ever compare to Egypt in real life.

3. A Therapeutic Getaway

You can’t argue that Egypt has one of the most unique and incomparable travel experiences. But little did you know that the country is also one of the world’s therapeutic locations.

This is apparent in its natural sources of treatment for both physical and spiritual cleansing. Egypt is known as a place of cures for various diseases, such as bone and skin illnesses.

This “natural healing” was also associated with its warm and dry climate that treats respiratory and rheumatoid ailments. Additionally, thousands of people seek healing in Egypt’s hot “sand baths” and sea treatments that helps aid psoriasis and other skin diseases.

You can also try doing mud baths, Red Sea thalassotherapy, or Kemetic yoga when traveling through Egypt.

4. Primitive Camping

Your Egypt trip is incomplete without a camping trip in the country’s Western desert. Spend a night under the stars while camping in the wilderness. The vast desert won’t seem so vast with the Milky Way enveloping the sky.

During the day, enjoy a jeep tour of the Egyptian Sahara and White Desert area. Or go wild and try some sandboarding and bathe in the natural springs.

There’s a plethora of fun things you can do that are worth your round trip to Egypt. While it’s fun to try them all with friends or family, a solo trip won’t hurt if you want to disconnect from the world.

Egypt is the right place if you want peace of mind or time to reflect on things before making big decisions. Most of the places or camps to visit won’t have power, making it the best time to unplug.

5. Must-try Egyptian Cuisines

Every travel destination has its own specialties when it comes to food, and Egypt is no exception.

The land of ancient history and pyramids is also home to some delicious and unique cuisines. Egyptian cuisine is rich in flavors and spices influenced by different cultures. This includes Arabic, Mediterranean, and African influences.

The nation offers a diverse culinary experience for every traveler and must-try dishes. Most Egypt guided tours will take you to different restaurants and try popular recipes like Koshari. This vegetarian delicacy appeals to every taste bud, along with another popular dish called the Ful Medames.

If you want something sweet, Umm Ali is a traditional dessert made with puff pastry, also a unique dish in Egypt.

Traveling can be an enriching experience when one tries out new foods. Moreover, culturally-rich cuisine can give insight into the traditions of the beautiful country.

Next time you visit Egypt, satisfy your hunger pangs with some of Egypt’s exotic flavors!

Endless Adventure

There are endless opportunities that await in Egypt, with many travel places to include on your bucket list.

Its beaches and spectacular landscapes make it a hotspot for watersports and even kiteflying. With fair to great weather year-round, you can enjoy Safari desert trips or visit the historic desert sites. If you’re interested in neither, a horseback riding experience along the desert might be for you.

Thrill seekers and art lovers would describe Egypt tours as life-changing, magical, and authentic. It goes the same for those interested in history and architecture. For those who simply want a relaxing vacation, Egypt’s travel places are second to none.

From pyramids and ancient temples to beaches and natural springs, Egypt has something for everyone. It tells thousand-year-old stories and gives insight into the culture of ancient Egyptians.

Many wonders of the world found in Egypt are testaments to human ingenuity and engineering prowess. It’s easy to see why Egypt is one of the most popular destinations in the world!


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