Choosing the right facial bed for a spa center or salon is not an easy job. There are a lot of different choices and considerations to keep in mind when selecting. Things like: What the bed will be used for? Who will use it? Does it suit a certain style? Explore below a helpful guide in picking the best one.

Most people resort to salons and facial treatment parlors whenever they feel the need to relax and pamper themselves from a stressful day. Good service must be the main priority of every spa business. Another priority apart from quality products and services is great amenities mainly including facial beds, to provide an excellent experience to customers.

Probably the most essential service a spa or salon offers are facial massage. When it comes to facial beds, sometimes the most modern and luxurious are the most perfect for achieving a beauty spa taken to the next level where first-timers and regulars alike take relaxation at ease.

Customers needing face care support must feel comfortable and soothed on a facial bed.

Why Are Facial Beds Important?

The quality of facial beds matters a lot. Not only to spa owners but more so to clients, as they are the ones spending the most time on it. Successful treatment can boil down to the facial beds themselves.

Firstly, facial beds provide comfort to customers. There is one common denominator for all spa businesses regardless of the treatments they offer, and that is their clientele. Customers are the most important aspect of a service-provider business. Thus, they should feel important. One of the ways a business can indulge in pampering clients is to purchase comfortable facial beds. Comfy facial beds can be soft, bouncy, and can comfortably hold the size and weight of the client. They’d find this kind of facial bed welcoming. It is safe to say, that comfort is also a major deciding factor for clients whether to come back or not.

Facial beds are important because they also set the tone of the business. One thing a customer will remember is how impressive the treatment room in a spa or salon is. And facial beds are one main attraction and influence in making each customer visit a positive one. Pampering clients should come out as effortlessly as possible and a clean, modern-looking facial bed is an excellent way to set the mood.

What Are The Things to Consider When Choosing Facial Beds?

As mentioned above, facial beds play a key role in the success of the customer’s every visit, thus spelling the success of the business. So, choosing the best facial beds for your spa or salon is crucial. Here are some things to consider before purchasing one.

  1. Size: Take the time to measure the size of the spa or salon room when planning to have a facial bed. The facial meds must be of the right proportion to the room; they must not be too big, hampering the movement around it and not too small that a large-framed client cannot fit in it.

Remember that the size of the room is the deciding element for the size. Keep enough space around the facial beds for the esthetician to work around the bed inside the treatment rooms. Take into consideration the constraints of space seriously.

  1. Height: The height of the facial bed is just as important as its size. It can be based on the type of care that the esthetician performs and on its serviceability. Owners must choose facial beds that can be adjusted in height and those that can likely be hoisted 10 inches up and down.
  2. Length: The size, height, and length go together. They must all be of the right proportion to the room location. Usually, the length of facial beds depends on the height of the customer in care.

Owners may want to choose facial beds that are longer if space permits with some allowance. Some may prefer a spa bed fitted with a headrest.

  1. Width: The average diameter of facial beds ranges from 27 to 30 centimeters. In this consideration, the esthetician should be put in mind. If the bed is too wide, the professional will end up with back pain and complications.
  2. Portability: portable facial beds are suitable options depending on the type of treatments and mode of treatments that the spa or salon offers. Ideally, on-the-spot and home treatments can be perfect using portable facial beds. It is easy and efficient to use and helps professionals work anywhere.

The downside for the portable facial bed is that it tends to have a shorter furniture lifespan of not more than ten years so owners must be aware that replacement may be advised sooner. Although they tend to be heavy and bulky, some brands available in the market have adjusted these features.

  1. Adjustability: To satisfy both the esthetician and the customers, having facial beds that are adjustable is more than welcome. Features from being adjustable to be reclined, raising the whole bed, or raising just the footrest are common.
  2. Comfort: The mattress thickness and materials used to make facial beds play a key role in its inherent comfort level. Most of the facial spa beds are made from foam materials. Foam is not the only material used in facial beds though.

To check the foam’s density, the hand can be pressed down the mattress and see how long it takes for the foam to return to its original form. The denser it is when the facial bed foam returns to its original state slower. Even two-inch high-density foams offer a higher degree of comfort over thicker less dense ones.

  1. Design: Style has always been a valuable component of anything and is also true when choosing the best facial beds. A spa or salon can stand out from its rivals using well-played aesthetics. Owners can choose styles from traditional neutral tones to newer, more playful colors. By establishing your brand and choosing facial beds that match it, first-timers and regular customers alike will recognize your brand. Modern facial beds can make treatment rooms look glamorous and outstanding.
  2. Quality: For any kind of quality of facial beds, the first five years of use should have no problems. But high-quality facial beds will last more than this spa bed life. Better quality fabrics for example can result in less cleaning and extension of bed life. Overall quality often comes with accompanying costs though.

When choosing the perfect facial bed for any spa or salon business, keeping in mind its importance and the various consideration in choosing one can make a big difference.


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