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Why Glam Hoodies Are Your Wardrobe Hero This Season

Why Glam Hoodies Are Your Wardrobe Hero This Season

October 6th, 2022

Hoodies might have had humble beginnings at the gym, but it’s all glitz and glam with a Fashion Runway vibe this season. That’s according to Miami based designer Donna Leah, Founder of Donna Leah Designs.Long understood as one of our favorite items when comfort is on the must-have list, our new way of dressing up makes the Sparky Collection from Donna Leah Designs the perfect solution.It’s the new modern staple that’s taking social media by storm.

It’s easy to rock this look wearing it out to meet friends, as part of what you want to put on for a cool and casual weekend or grab and go when heading on a trip.Donna Leah launched her new collection because it combines her love of shine and luxury fabrics with her customer’s desire for pieces that are special and elevated.

Hoodies are Where Fashion and Function Meet

The days when hoodies were taken out of our closets when we had no place to go are over. We’re seeing hoodies warn all the time and during the entire year. That’s because people have prioritized comfort and have found a new love for combining an elevated look that also suits their need for feeling great.

“My new collection, called Sparky is so easy to wear while looking fabulous. The fabrics are inspired from my eveningwear collection so it’s a look that’s immediately luxurious, glamorous and trendy.Each piece is unique, and I consider it like artwork. The fabrics play with the light and depending on the time of day you get a slightly different feel for the hoodie.I’m just in love with this look right now!” says the designer.

Layered Looks to Love

While the weather is usually balmy and warm in Miami, those in other parts of the country will love laying a hoodie.It can be worn with something sleek underneath or layered with a jacket.Some fashionistas also like pairing with a blazer or parka which combines the best of fashion and function. The result is a street style influenced look.

“What I love about hoodies is that they have this immediate cool edge to them when paired with cargo pants, a mini skirt, or if it’s a bit longer as a dress! It’s one of those pieces that are always in our closet and the go to item when we seek something cozy to relax in. Combing our love of going out and being seen with the emotions tie to our favorite loungewear look is what the new season of dressing up is all about.Adding loads of color in fabrics that feel upscale as soon as you see them is what the new hoodie is all about,” says Donna Leah.

Styling a Hoodie Your Own Way

By definition a hoodie has, well a hood, and drawstrings. So, it’s an easy to put on item that has endless styling possibilities.Add attitude to a pants suit by wearing a hoodie instead of a thin sweater or camisole. When worn with a skirt and boots it’s fun to wear the hoodie on your head loosely for a cool and laid-back vibe.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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