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Why is Downtown Dubai a Paradise for Rich Expats?

Why is Downtown Dubai a Paradise for Rich Expats?

Why is Downtown Dubai a Paradise for Rich Expats?

November 10th, 2022

Every major city has a downtown area. We have downtown Chicago and New Orleans, but unlike every other downtown you have heard about, downtown Dubai is exquisite and packed with the beauties that the main town/ areas do not even have.

So, for clarity, it is not wrong to say there is nothing downtown about downtown Dubai. It is a pleasurable place to reside and has unique perks in its significant areas. More intriguing, it is the best location to find wealthy ex-pats who nest between its luxurious apartment and hope to experience the beauties of Dubai.

Here are some reasons why downtown Dubai is a paradise for wealthy ex-pats and why you are likely to meet many in the downtown boulevards.

  1. Expats are attracted to downtown Dubai due to its reputation: This area of Dubai is one of the most famous due to the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai mall. These fantastic sites draw those who want to see, live in, and experience them. As tourists frolic and soak up the aura of the magnificent towers, they enjoy the view and find places to lodge in the area. Downtown Dubai is the tale of a person going to view a portrait and then finding out that there are cooler ones in the same studio.
  2. Secondly, ex-pats have heard of the fantastic real estate for sale in Downtown Dubai, so they come with high expectations from their home countries to spend a holiday or vacation. As usual, Dubai never disappoints and more importantly, people are blown away by the beauties of the downtown and how much fun they can experience. It is like moving into a paradise and finding it more impressive than you imagined.
  3. Thirdly, Downtown Dubai has some well-priced villas and apartments for rental. Expats often come and go, except when they secure a work visa that allows them to stay behind. In either case, most ex-pats rent properties to live in, and downtown Dubai is one of the incredible locations to rent quality buildings and apartments for a very reasonable price. That is another reason why ex-pats favor the area.
  4. Pools and fully furnished apartments – for wealthy ex-pats, the most considerable flex is having an already-made and ready-to-move-in apartment. As a tourist, the least you want to concern yourself with is picking furniture or decorating a room to suit your taste. As the real estate market is always out to impress, wealthy ex-pats find intact quality apartments with beautiful decors. They can consider a more preferred interior in their choices before moving in. Pools, large kitchens and premium hotel services, to mention but a few
  5. Although downtown is in the middle of all of Dubai’s action; it is likewise a great place to experience the local Arabian life, the spices and the thrills of the city. Many ex-pats favor this area because they get a chance to mix with locals and appreciate the city’s culture, unlike in high-rise areas like the Palm and other similar exclusive communities.
  6. Worthy of note is the availability of all amenities, regardless of the origin of people. You can find Africans, Arabians, Europeans and almost any race downtown. This diversity helps ex-pats settle in, which helps many ex-pats view the area as a paradise. A place where many people are like you, although different in shades. As an offshoot of this, you can find diverse, inclusive centers in and around downtown, ranging from churches to mosques, playgrounds, local and international dishes in restaurants, markets with indigenous materials and international spices, etc. For many wealthy ex-pats, downtown is a place to feel at home with the international richness of Arabian life at the same time.
  7. Lastly, downtown Dubai's fun lifestyle and perks make the area a paradise for ex-pats. There is always something to celebrate downtown and someplace to have an excellent time. In summary, a fantastic wealthy lifestyle is not accompanied by the usual boredom of a high-class life; this is a significant selling point for many.

For people residing in the area with one form of visa or another, the selling point is the comprehensiveness of the area. According to Emirates.Estate, downtown is an excellent place to raise children and live as a family. There are spots for every category of person, such that no one is left behind – everyone experiences one form of luxury or another.

Furthermore, local and international schools for families with kids in downtown Dubai exist. This means avoiding long drives to school premises and an opportunity for parents to have their kids' school close to home. More so, with the Burj Park, festivals and shows, and the fun centers, everyone stays engaged at every point.


So, there you have it! A breakdown of why downtown Dubai is an attraction center for wealthy ex-pats and what to expect if you intend to live there or spend some vacation there.

Laura Bartlett

Laura Bartlett

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