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Why LA Is An Ideal City For A Day Trip For Music Fans?

Why LA Is An Ideal City For A Day Trip For Music Fans?

Are you a music fan? Then visiting LA is nothing short of a must.

June 3rd, 2021

Are you a music fan? Then visiting LA is nothing short of a must. Indeed, the city can offer you a handful of the coolest places you’ve seen in a long time. Can you imagine visiting a place where The Beatles played and put your hands in the hands of your idols? You can even end the day at a Los Angeles rehearsal studio and create music with all of the day’s inspiration.

Read on, make a schedule and enjoy the best day of the year in LA.

The Grammy Museum

The Grammy foundation created an interactive museum especially for people like you and me, music fans. In it, you can have fun while you remember iconic presentations and discover some of the forgotten names of popular music. Furthermore, you can even explore the stories behind your favorite tunes told by the artists themselves.

The Grammy Museum features four floors of true music history; you can’t leave LA without paying it a visit.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Taking a stroll through the 1.3 miles that make Hollywood’s Walk of Fame is visiting your idols. Certainly, with more than 2,600 stars, chances are you’ll be able to fit your hands in those of the people that shaped the soundtrack of your life.

Furthermore, you can even take a behind-the-scenes tour and let your guide for the day reveal the stories behind the most meaningful stars. Again, you definitely can’t leave LA without a visit to the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and a few selfies).

The Sunset Strip

From the roaring 20s to the beatniks in the fifties, the birth of rock and roll, psychedelia, punk, metal, and even folk; the Sunset Strip was a witness to it all. Moreover, the venues still standing in this legendary mile-and-a-half road are living proof of music history.

These are your definite must-see spots:

  • Whiskey a Go Go – Since 1964, the Whiskey a Go Go has been the go-to spot for rockers, metalheads, and hardcore fans. It is one of the most iconic corners in the strip and, although it is small, it is full of history.
  • The Troubadour – What do Elton John, Billy Joel, and James Taylor have in common? Well, besides being stars, they all played The Troubadour at some point. It is an intimate stage that makes the perfect spot to catch some contemporary music.
  • The Roxy – If you want to meet the future of rock and roll, this is the place to be. Indeed, The Roxy is probably one of the best-sounding stages in the city and the country. On it, you’ll find the soon-to-be stars (performing here is launching your LA music career) and the established ones that happen to be in town.

The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl opened its doors in 1922 and it still retains the original amphitheater acoustics from back in the day. Just picture it for a second; a screaming crowd went crazy over The Beatles in that very spot!

For a full scope of the importance of this venue, just visit the Hall of Fame on your way out; you’ll get the chills.

Guitar Center Rock Walk

Guitar Center is a music store; that is absolutely right. Furthermore, standing at its entrancer might make it seem like a regular store, but it reveals to be more than that once you go through the doors.

For starters, you can drool and marvel over memorabilia instruments. Secondly, they have one of the largest guitar collections in the world on display. Finally, you can just pick up any instrument and play without any sales people hanging around.

For any music lover, this is a fantastic spot, but if you happen to also be a guitar player, you’ll never forget your visit.

Los Angeles rehearsal studios

Has being surrounded by all of this legendary music culture fired up your inspiration in LA?? Well, that’s a great thing because the city is full of some of the best rehearsal studios in the States.

Besides, it won’t be hard to find some people to jam with; Los Angeles is a music city with plenty of opportunities. If you think of it, some of your favorite bands formed with an ad in a Los Angeles newspaper and jamming with strangers in a rehearsal studio.


Just roaming around the streets of Los Angeles will feel like a movie. This is, by all means, the city where most of the people who shaped the entertainment industry made history. Its unique vibe will find its way into your heart and work magic for your inspiration.

End the day in a Los Angeles rehearsal studio and let the magic happen. You never know what beats and tracks you might produce. It’s such an inspiring area.



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