Why Moving To A New City Can Be Beneficial For Your Journey Of Self Discovery

Life. It’s such a beautiful but busy thing, full of rules, schedules, plans and sometimes, problems. Naturally, it’s easy to get caught up in it all, which can end up in us feeling a little lost within ourselves.

Whether you’re going through a painful break up or have some serious career confusion, there are many aspects of life which can leave us with a mind full of questions, taking us on a crazy journey of self discovery.

When finding oneself, many of us are happy to stay put and embrace it from our own town, whereas others may feel the need to spread their wings, pack a case and fly as far away as humanly possible! Now, this may seem dramatic, but sometimes it may be one of the best things that you can do. Here’s why. 



If your mind is stuck in a rut, staying in the same place can sometimes do more harm than good. If your brain needs a breather, having the same routine and surroundings may mean that it doesn’t get the chance to see things from a different perspective.

Whether you book a weekend break or relocate to a new city altogether, leaving what you know and moving away gives your mind the chance to rewire and recharge. Putting yourself in an unfamiliar environment brings a new schedule. This means new experiences, memories and your overall day to day life will change. This alone can uncover a whole new you, giving you the chance to learn things about yourself. It’s amazing what can happen when you take a step back from what you feel to be normal.



Stepping out of your comfort zone by choice isn’t easy, but that’s what self discovery and development are all about right? Learning about oneself is a lifelong endeavour, lessons full of twists and turns. Although these can sometimes be confusing and stressful, these are the things which teach us and bring growth. Stepping out into the unknown may give you a belly full of uncertainty, but in the end, it can only bring positivity and strength, and embracing those moments can only result in great change. Being uncertain gives you the chance to re evaluate and re discover. 



When on the road of self discovery, bold and brave choices are made which can lead to some serious self love and admiration. It’s not easy making choices which feel as if you’re throwing yourself straight in the deep end! Trusting your own instincts and sticking by your choices can really help you to grow and appreciate who you are. When making these big decisions, feelings of worry and anxiety can tag along too, but all of that simply shows bravery. When I packed up and moved my life to Brighton, many people tried to convince me that I was making a silly and unrealistic choice. Brighton has now been my home for two years and I’m very proud of that!



New location means new friends. Although this can be a scary thought, meeting new people is one of the most beneficial things when learning about yourself. People aren’t just people, they come with many different layers, full of personalities, goals, stories and interests. Imagine how much you can learn from meeting just one person. Now imagine how much you can learn from meeting a whole bunch!  Being around a different group of individuals will automatically propel you into a new world of experiences, helping you to discover yourself along the way. Sometimes all it takes is one person to uncover a huge chunk of you which you didn’t know existed.

So, what do you think? Could you move city?

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