#CocoLiving : Why scooters are not just for kids

Throughout the decades, kids have enjoyed the fun of scooters of all variations. In the 80s, the BMX scooters were all the rage, with kids all over the world happily riding their scooters along the road on the way to their next adventure. Fast forward 30 years and scooters are still as popular as ever, and there is now an even wider range of styles and designs available than ever before, all of which are #TeamCoco approved.

However, it is not just kids that are getting their kicks from the use of scooters. Many people still think of scooters as a mode of transport, but stunt scooters are also becoming a popular choice; allowing adults and kids alike to practice their new tricks at the local skatepark. Unlike the usual run-of-the-mill scooters, Madd MGP scooters are for stunting pros, or those who aspire to be one. This is because they have the ability to spin 360 degrees and withstand the force of performing tricks and stunts. Therefore, MGP scooters are for the beginners, intermediates and advanced riders; with Jamie Hull and Nathan Churchill sporting them in the world scooting championships. They should be taken seriously, after all, we have seen skateboarding introduced as an Olympic sport for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2020; therefore, what’s stopping scootering becoming one, too?

Additionally, stunt scooters have introduced an alternative to the skateboarding and BMX stunt performances, and it is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Events such as Scootfest are now running worldwide to supply the demand for people to take part and spectate exciting scooter events. Last year’s Scootfest event saw a prize purse of $7000 for the best riders to compete for. Riding a scooter is no longer considered as just a hobby or a bit of fun, but a genuine professional opportunity for the world’s best performers/riders.

If you are a fan of such competitions, you can keep tabs on the current scootering champions through the International Scooter Association (ISA) website, where the world champions are well-recorded and regularly updated. The current world champion shows Jordan Clark, who also won the 2015 world championships. Inspired? Make sure to watch the 2017 world champions.

Councils and local communities are also investing more money in skateparks to cater for this trend in both skateboarding and stunt scooters, as there is a better understanding of all of the potential benefits of using scooters for both exercise and recreation. There are some really exciting skateparks across the UK including Projekts MCR (Manchester), Unit 23 Skatepark (Dumbarton) and House of Vans (London).

You can even hire professional stunt performers for scooters, as their rising popularity has helped bring them at the same level as stunt BMX and skateboarding performers. If you are launching a new product or looking for an exciting new way to market an existing product, hiring a stunt scooter performer will certainly help build the street-cred of your product.

The popularity of scooters is set to increase. After all, they are more than a form of transport; instead, they are considered an intense sport, on par with skateboarding and BMXing. One day, stunt scootering or other forms of scootering could become an Olympic sport. With a rise in competitions and money being invested in high-quality skateparks, scootering will soon be making headlines in sport magazines, newspapers and on TV segments.

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