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Why Vaping Is Here To Stay

In the grand scheme of things, vaping is still a relatively new thing.  A subject that is prone to frequent debate, the long and storied history of vaping is

In the grand scheme of things, vaping is still a relatively new thing.

A subject that is prone to frequent debate, the long and storied history of vaping is filled with some degree of contention. From coming to the fore of the markets in 2003 to becoming a global phenomenon today, numerous figures, industries, and laws have had a lot to say about vaping.

Seldom is a ruling consensus ever around for long, but all the same, the industry is showing no signs of slowing down despite any doubts or reservations. These products have brought much to the customer’s lives already, and the science is slowly starting to ramp up its support also.

Still, with acclimatisation still occurring, it’s worth asking that all important question; is vaping here to stay?

Rich Customisation

Vaping can be a project of sorts, one that can be carefully nurtured over the span of literal years.

This is thanks to the variety of new mods and flavours that are constantly being released to the masses. You can learn more about some of them here. Each new component adds a fresh twist to vaping and incites further interest into what new product releases the brands will orchestrate next. The industry has a foundation of anticipation, and that will facilitate things like brand loyalty and community discussions overtime.

Fortunately, there is an online hub where all these products can be sought and bought more easily than ever before. Whether you need a better battery or a tantalising new e-liquid, myCigara have you covered. They offer a range of dynamic products on offer that can contribute a wholly unique twist to your vaping, enabling you to delicately customise your experience however you see fit. Moreover, you can shop by brand, price, product type, and stock status, enabling you to pinpoint your purchases in both time and money saving ways.


The measure of an activity can often be determined by how it affects others and the environment around.

Smokers can leave a trail of their ashes and cigarette ends everywhere, littering both private and public places. The problem is so prevalent in Northern Ireland that a 2020 survey found 481,000 cigarette butts on streets and roadsides, highlighting the scale of the issue. There’s a reputation for sloppiness here, and unfortunately it’s not just a minority of smokers who let the side down.

By comparison, so long as it’s clean and cared for, vaping equipment can be reused on a recurring basis, which means nothing needs to be disposed of for a longer period. When it does need to be, the natural inclination is to find the nearest bin, simply there isn’t a culture of vapers simply tossing their pens out their car window or dropping them in the street. They’re investments, and if they include mods, they can also be the summation of an explorative journey, giving them more sentimental value too.


There’s more than one way to vape, and that fact isn’t lost on its enthusiasts, adding much extra mileage to the activity.

With many guides on how to control your exhale for different vaping tricks, it’s easy to see the appeal here. There’s ‘the Waterfall’, ‘the Atomic Bomb’, and ‘the Dragon’ to name a few, their dramatic names to reflecting their remarkable nature.

The opportunity to impress friends or onlookers, even at a mild level, is one that more extroverted individuals simply won’t pass up. There’s almost a subculture of excellence being built up here, as people pass on their teachings of vaping in new and exciting ways. Of course, vaping can be done with an absence of any refined technique also, but the option is there to spice up the experience, opening the doors of vaping to more types of people.

Social Acceptance

Vaping has become so popular that numerous communities have formed around it.

In the online space, lots of Facebook groups have been created, giving people a digital forum where they can discuss their passion for vaping, recommend new products, and even forge new friendships. In the latter instance, the theme of vaping is merely a springboard into something much more profound than any product can offer – human connection.

There’s also the consideration that those who vape are generally more accepted in wider society, especially when compared to smoker. While others will make efforts to distance themselves from those with cigarettes, vapers are typically welcome amongst most groups of people interacting in the real world. They’re banned from fewer places, if any in some areas, and perhaps tend to have an easier time in public places, drawing much less ire from others.


Vaping is here to stay due to the industry constantly rejuvenating itself. Not only this, but it’s also an endeavour that has little impact on others or the environment, making it more permissible in wider society than other trends. Lastly, it’s a creative outlet for some due to all the tricks that can be performed, and for others, it’s an opportunity to even forge lasting friendships over an increasingly common interest. Because of these factors, vaping will prevail for some time yet.