A home full of unpleasant odors is generally considered to be dirty. Heated oils, scented products, and scented candles are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners try to cover up the undesirable odors produced in most homes. Unfortunately these products cannot fix the underlying cause of the unpleasant smell, nor can they make the air safer and cleaner to breathe.If you wish to freshen and clean the air from unpleasant odors simultaneously, then you should consider getting yourself an air purifier designed to remove strong odors. It may be more expensive than your scented candles, but it will last longer and also clean the air rather than just cover up the unpleasant smells.What unpleasant odors does an air purifier deal with?An air purifier eradicates many sources of odors. These sources build up unwanted smells and deny you the chance of enjoying cool and fresh air at your home. These sources include;SmokeMost definitely one of the odors that no one likes regardless of where it comes from. Be it a cigarette or just burned rubbish. It is a unique smell when compared to others since it is incredibly difficult to get rid of. Smoke is the most difficult odor to remove as it will easily permeate furniture, carpet, and drapes.Pet OdorNo matter how you train your pet to go outside for its biological processes, you will still find its dander in the closet or on the couch. Apart from that, pets with fur such as cats and dogs, constantly shed off this fur filling your home , further spreading the unpleasant odors and pet dander. Pet dander is a nightmare to people with allergies. No matter how often you give your beloved family pet a path, it will still stink. It is inevitable and can be very embarrassing. Food smellsFish is a meal that health professionals advise that you take at least once a week. The challenge comes when preparing the meal. The smell of cooking fish is one of the most potent of all kitchen smells and can linger for up to a week if left untreated.GarbageWe are all victims of forgetting to take the trash out after dumping stale vegetables or raw chicken fat. The smell from this source becomes harder to deal with the longer it’s allowed to fester inside the house. Even after throwing the garbage away and cleaning the trash can, your home will still stink. Dirty diapersA house with a baby is considered as a house full of joy as the other families are daily monitoring how their young one is growing. The challenging part is handling the baby diapers. Even though you own a particular type of diaper, or you properly dispose them, your house will still smell like an outhouse. It’s even worse if you forget to dispose of a day-old used diaper. How air purifiers help in eradicating these odorsYou now know the conventional sources of odors in your home. The next step is to eliminate them. The perfect solution for this is an air purifier. With an air purifier, you will not only eradicate the sources but also make the air you breathe fresher and healthier. Unfortunately not all air purifiers are built to do the job properly. There are many manufacturers designing machines that flatter to deceive. This typically involves making cheaper and inferior filters and naming them slightly differently so as to bypass any strict laws about producing such technology. For example, the main component of any good Air purifier is the HEPA filter. This filter is the workhorse of the air purifier and usually placed after a pre-filter of some kind. Once the pre filter has removed any large pieces of dust, the hepa filter gets to work removing all the other airborne contaminants, even microscopic ones. Be it regular household dust, pollen or even airborne viruses – a good HEPA filter will eradicate them all. Cheaper air purifiers will install similarly named filters, such as ‘Hepa like’ or ‘Hepa Type’ filters. These filters are vastly inferior and not up to the task. Pay careful attention to the wording a manufacturer uses, or use trusted review sources to find good quality air purifiers.In order to remove strong smells from the home, you must find an air purifier designed to remove odors specifically. There are a few different filter types tasked with handling odors. Most of them will involve charcoal in some way. They might be called charcoal filters or sometimes Carbon filters. Carbon, or Charcoal is very porous and has unique properties that help absorb odorous vapours.There are in fact many different types of filters that can be housed inside an air purifier. It’s not uncommon to find a machine with up to 7 different filters! Sometimes it’s just marketing hype, but sometimes the filters are actually able to do what they say they can. It’s best to go through a guide on all the different filter tech, so you can really work out what you require of your air purifier before you go ahead and purchase one.Installing the right air purifier can make a significant difference in your home. You can return to breathing fresh and healthy air and learn to not worry so much about things in your home that might cause it to smell bad.


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