It’s the biggest decision to make, but it can be worth the investment. If you live in a busy city or are constantly on the go, the chances are that your home is what provides a sense of relief and comfort. The right decorations can help set the mood for relaxation, no matter how hectic life may be outside your front door. The tension of everyday life can take a toll on our mental health. Being surrounded by clutter, chaos, and dirty spaces often leaves us feeling overwhelmed. The amazing news is that you can bring calmness back into your home with simple changes like adding plants or creating more open space in your living room. So if you’re up for some quick tips on how to make your home a happier place, keep reading!

How to Bring More Soothing Elements into Your Home

Here are the ideas and suggestions for bringing soothing elements like plants, flowers, candles, art, area rugs, and accessories into your home:

Add Plants or Flowers Outside of Your House

Both Indoor and outdoor plants like bird of paradise, Sweet almond bush, Corn plant, Pothos, Peace Lily are a great way to add some life to your home decor. They can provide oxygen, filter pollutants from the air, and create a calm atmosphere in which you feel relaxed due to their natural smell. Along with this, they also help absorb sound waves so that there is less noise pollution around you! Plants and flowers are a fresh and calming element to add to your home decor. They can help improve the air quality and provide a natural filter for toxins, noise pollution, and even dust particles in the air. Along with this, they also produce oxygen which is important for good health!

Use Soft Shades on the Walls

A harsh color on the walls may make a room feel cramped and uncomfortable. Soft shades on the wall, such as pastels or light blues, provide an airy feeling that can create less noise pollution due to their lower contrast with other colors in your home decor. Soft and warm colors on the walls can also help increase serotonin levels, positively impacting your mood.

Use Soft Colors Throughout

Some colors are meant to be calming and soothing for all of us! It doesn’t matter if you like pink or blue. Both pink and blue have a special place in our hearts when feeling relaxed and serene. Choose softer shades in the upholstery or fabric to help create a more calming environment. You will also find that softer colors make the room appear larger, which can be helpful in small spaces to provide an airier feel with less clutter and distraction from your surroundings.

Layer the Floor with Rugs

Rugs and floor mats can be a great way to add softness and comfort to the feet while also providing an additional layer of warmth. Choose rugs in colors that match your wall color as this will tie together space with texture and visual appeal. Wool area rugs are often better than synthetics for those who suffer from allergies or asthma because they don’t produce many allergy-causing allergens or irritants. And if you want to add color with texture, then oriental rugs are a great choice. They’re available in many sizes and shapes, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs.

Bringing the Outside In

Nature is a wonderful thing, whether it’s an indoor plant or outdoor landscaping. Studies show people feel better when they see green plants in their workspace: less stressed and more productive. A small living area can be transformed by bringing in a few well-placed plants or flowers to feel more spacious and inviting.

Tasteful Touches

Think about your favorite restaurant, the one that makes you want to keep coming back for more. Chances are they have tastefully placed decor like tablecloths with napkins and candles, napkin rings for each place setting. They’re not flashy, but they are tasteful. You’ll be able to find decor like that in stores or online so that you can apply those same touches at home too!

Get Inspired

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, use the internet as inspiration: look at pictures of homes or restaurants that you find appealing and imagine how they could translate to your space. Take ideas from interior design blogs or Pinterest boards and create your inspiration board.

Be Minimalistic

Be minimalistic with color choices. Bring in a calming neutral like cream or white. If you need more accent, choose that same color but use it sparingly, so it doesn’t feel too busy. Think about the texture, too. For example, a room with all hard surfaces (like walls and flooring) may seem cold, so you could add delicate items like fabric or pillows to warm it up.

The Importance of Light

Light is one element that can make a huge difference in a room. If you don’t like the old lights, It might be time for new shades on the windows or light fixtures. Decorate with lamps or lighting fixtures to add a little light.

Soft and Comforting Fabrics

Add soft, comforting fabrics and textures like velvet or silk. Choose colors that are soothing, such as blues, greens, pinks, yellows, and browns. Bring natural elements like plants into space for fresh air and green. Choose a fabric that is light in color or pattern with soft hues. Moreover, add a fireplace mantel, chandelier, ornamental mirror, sconces, and other light sources to brighten the space up. You can also add window treatments that will help block out natural lighting in the winter.

Add a Soothing Soundscape

Adding sounds to your space can be an easy way to make it more relaxing and soothing for family members who are sensitive, anxious, or have trouble sleeping. It could include the sound of running water from a small fountain in the bedroom or kitchen or the sound of waves crashing on a beach.

Candles, Mirrors, and Artwork

Candles are a great way to add soothing light and the scent of your favorite scents. Mirrors can give off peaceful reflections, while artworks will bring in colors that soothe you. These are the perfect soothing elements you can bring to your home. Also, scented candles and artwork are a perfect combination for an inspiring ambiance.

Wrapping Up

If you want to make your home a cozy place, consider bringing in soft and soothing elements. Soft rugs will soothe the feet of visitors that come into your home while also providing warmth for barefoot toes when it’s cold outside. They are easy to roll up for storage during warmer months or vacuumed with ease when they accumulate dust and dirt on top. RugKnots offer a wide range of soft and cozy rugs. You may not think about adding new flooring as part of an interior design project, but these little touches are what creates a warm atmosphere in any space!


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