Will you be visiting the island of Maui, specifically in Kihei, in the next few weeks? If you will be, you may want to stop by the Smoke And Spice Maui. Perhaps you are a native of the Hawaiian Islands and you live directly in the Kihei area. This is a catering company that provides some of the most delicious and authentic Hawaiian cuisines, as well as other items on the menu that you may find to be appealing. They have a website with a menu at https://smokeandspicemaui.com that will show you exactly what is available, and you can also learn about their catering services. Do I need a private chef? If you do, they are more than willing to provide you with a multitude of options including an authentic Hawaiian barbecue. Here is an overview of this company that you should consider if you are looking for the best Hawaiian cuisine.

Hiring A Chef It Is Easy With This Company

One of the most outstanding aspects of visiting the island of Maui is the incredible food that is available. This company will not only provide that for you, but you can also hire them as a private chef to make the most of your vacation. Although Hawaii is known for its pristine beaches, and outstanding snorkeling, the food that you eat there is also very memorable. This company has a classically trained chef, with over 15 years of experience, direct from the Culinary Institute of America.

Would You Like To Have Your Food Delivered?

If you would prefer not going out, you can also go to their website to order whatever you want. They can have it delivered to your home, or if you are visiting, to your hotel wherever you happen to be in this area of Maui. Private chef John Sandbach will always provide you with the most exceptional food that you can imagine. Having worked with many of the top restaurants in Maui, he has catered many banquets, and loves working with both large and small groups.

What About The Catering Services?

If what you are looking for is someone that can cater a large party or get together, this business will also provide you with that option. They will provide you with more than just exceptional Hawaiian food, but savor pallet defining moments that you will remember because of their innovative dishes that you cannot find anywhere else. Take a look at their plated menus, as well as their menu for their buffet, so that you can choose something that you want today. All of these options are available from this outstanding chef that will make your first experience in Hawaii more memorable because of food that is being provided.

Whether you are a native Hawaiian, or if you are visiting Kihei on Maui, definitely consider contacting the professionals that Smoke And Spice Maui. Those that have used these services have not only enjoyed meals that are memorable, but the catering services with the private chef are second to none. If you need to learn more information, contact chef John today to find out more information. You won’t regret your decision to work with this outstanding company that can provide you with the best food in Maui.


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