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Why You Should Turn Concentrates into e-Juice

Why You Should Turn Concentrates into e-Juice

THC concentrates are cannabis extracts. Fundamentally, they contain THC in high quantities as well as other essential oils that provide taste and scent to users.

August 8th, 2019

THC concentrates are cannabis extracts. Fundamentally, they contain THC in high quantities as well as other essential oils that provide taste and scent to users. Anyone buying THC concentrates has one purpose in their head: to get high.

Its extraction process is typically expensive. Additionally, it is dangerous. If any accident happens, you will be sure that you will burn your house. Therefore, only experts should be able to do this.

Once you purchase the THC concentrate from a reliable dealer, the next question is how you should consume it. The best way to do it is by turning it into an e-juice.

You want to know the reason why; then, this article provides all the details you require to understand.

The best concentrate to use

It does not matter, which concentrate you use. Your only problem, however, is to ensure that you purchase a quality one. Look at the THC content within it. A 50-80 percent should provide an appropriate “high.”

You should also check the label to ensure that you buy THC concentrates. If it reads, “cannabis concentrate,” there is a high chance that it contains CBD. CBD typically lowers the THC impact in your brain. Many people use a CBD vape during the day as this contains no THC while helping to relax you and control any mild pain you might be experiencing. So if you are ever looking for a product that doesn’t contain THC, take a look at CBD vapes and other CBD products!

Preparing it is easy

Beginners may have a difficult time learning how to do this. Nonetheless, with enough practice, you can be a pro at this.

Preparation requires simple tools, and preparing it should not take you an entire day. Furthermore, you can consult several professionals, tutorials, or even your vaping enthusiasts. As long as you store the concentrate well, you will be sure that you will be experiencing its potency.

Enhance it to your preference

You can purchase pre-filled cartridges if you do not have time to do it at home. On the other hand, the challenge that most people face is that these cartridges may only taste or smell in the preference of the retailer.

At home, you can overcome this challenge. By preparing your own, you can make it taste the way you want, and you can thickening or thin it to the level you desire. Purchase the right terpenes or wax liquidizer for this cause.

It is a safe way of consuming cannabis

Other forms of consuming THC are through smoking or edibles. Even if both are suitable ways, turning the concentrate into e-juice should be the best way forward.

Why is this? You will not be inhaling dangerous fumes into your body. Secondly, with the right amount of flavor, you will not experience any throat hit. In other words, the smoke flows into and out of your lungs smoothly.

Perfect for people who want to learn how to dose THC properly

With the right storage and preparation techniques, your THC provides the appropriate psychoactive properties to your brain.

In addition to that, you can learn how to dose if you turn concentrates to e juice your THC concentrates into vape juice. You will know how much puffs you need to get the high that you want. This might be something that smoking might fail to give to most cannabis users.

Vape juice can stay for long

While you learn how to dose, there is a high possibility that you will be using little amounts in a day. That should not worry you because vape juice does not expire. Most retailers say that it can even go for up to two years without losing its potency.

As long as you store it properly, believe that this is possible.

A vape pen can stay for long

You have to ensure that you buy a quality vape pen. How does this help? Since you will turn the wax or distillate into e-liquid, it does not use much energy like when it had to burn the wax and turn it into the wax.

Vape juice also saturates the coil. Meaning, the coil is in full contact with the vape juice; hence, more benefits in one puff.

Final Remarks

By now, you should have enough reasons why you need to prepare your THC vape juice. If the above points fit your needs, then you should consider turning the concentrate into an e-juice. With an excellent final blend, you can use it at any time since the vape or smoke produced is discreet. Nobody will know what you are vaping unless you reveal your secret. Meaning, you can smoke in public at your disposal.

Laura Bartlett

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