Wicked at West End: Truly magical

Team Coco visited Apollo Victoria Theatre for a marvellous performance of one of West Ends longest running shows, WICKED the musical, filled with fantastic singing, flamboyant costumes, creative sets and lots of emerald green!

Based on Gregory Maguire’s novel back in 1995 turned into a modern musical, it’s one of broadways biggest blockbusters and the West Ends most beloved shows – even after 12 years! Good meets bad and normality meets different, as two witch’s worlds collide together forming an unexpected friendship. Alice Fearn led the iconic role of the Wicked Witch of the West (Elphaba) joint by Sophie Evans as miss perfect goody two shoes Glinda The Good – both consistent and powerful performances throughout the night.

Elphaba stood out as a vibrant green shade which was unusual for the other characters, with malicious jokes being spat at her, “The artichoke has been steamed” and having no confidence in herself, the emotions were infectious causing a few tears. This was soon changed with plenty of humorous aspects and lots of laughter. Evans played a posh, ditzy, blonde character fitting to the role perfectly having the audience in hysterics – or cackles as the Wicked Witch would say.

Singing from the roof tops, Fern’s solo performances, captured hearts with such a powerful voice you would never expect a witch to have. Emotional, wicked, astonishing.

The impressive setting stood out, as emerald green shone down onto the Wizard of Oz’s palace and the roaring voice echoed from the gigantic face – the exact resemblance to the award winning film. Famous scenes were created professionally with what looked like a huge amount of work put into it. The Wicked Witch of the West melting to the ground was a classic back drop with green splashing and the Witch screaming until she was left as nothing but potion and the legendary black crooked witch hat.

The realistic monkey’s swang from the ceiling, climbed up ladders and flew around wearing costumes and face masks ever so real it gave a fright. Munchkins dressed in mesmerising ball gowns topped by Glinda the Good’s beautiful blue sparkly gown and tiara – very well designed.

The audience took a standing ovation for the two truly magical witches who thoroughly deserved it. A splendid show filled with emotion, laughter and talent.

WICKED the musical has been running for 12 years at Apollo Victoria Theatre. Sally saw WICKED via superbreak.com tickets start at £98.

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