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Wild, Deodorant Redefined with a little Pride

Wild, Deodorant Redefined with a twist of Pride

There are many reasons why we love Wild, the refillable deodorant company.

We can list 10 reasons straight away….

Each refill is made from bamboo pulp. Every refill is 100% biodegradable. All Wild refills can be recycled in with your paper. Once used the empty deodorant can be added to your garden compost heap. The Wild deodorants are available in 7 delicious scents. All scents are created from essential oils. You can order a subscription service to your front door. The Wild team has produced a limited edition rainbow case to support Pride. Wild will donate 50p for the sale of every Pride case to Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline. They make you smell divine!

There you are, a list of 10 instant reasons why Wild should be on your radar.

The selection of scents includes, Jasmine & Mandarin Blossom, Fresh Cotton & Sea Salt, Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams, Mint Eucalyptus, Bergamot Rituals and Sandalwood & Patchouli – with new additions always on the horizon.

Wild Limited Edition Pride Rainbow Case

As mentioned, each scent is created from essential oils, and specific ones that help with protection from body odour, which include:

Magnesium Hydroxide – counteracts odour-causing bacteria on the surface of the skin without being absorbed into the skin to help keep you smelling fantastically fresh.

Zinc Ricinoleate – This ingredient is a compound that absorbs and traps odour molecules, which means the odour receptors in your (or anyone else’s nose) will never smell them.

Tocopherol – A natural form of Vitamin E. An antioxidant, which preserves the deodorant by preventing the degradation of the natural ingredients.

Tapioca Starch – An absorptive powder extracted from the roots of the cassava plant that absorbs moisture and keeps your armpits dry.

Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride – Used as an emollient, which helps Wild glide smoothly across your underarms.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Very effective at controlling odour. It is added in minimal quantities to reduce the risk of skin irritation.

Sunflower Seed Wax – Rich in Vitamin E to keep the skin moisturised.

Shea Butter – High quality butter with superb moisturising qualities

Posted straight to your door in 100% recyclable packaging, the subscription starter pack, consisting of one case and one refill of your choice, is available for just £12, whilst the non-subscription trial pack – in which customers get to try three of the available scents – is £25.

The subscription service is then delivered in a pack of 3 at £5 per refill, where customers pay just £15 every three months, making Wild great value for money at the same time as being wholly sustainable.

So, what are you waiting for – ditch your traditional deodorant and brighten your day with a Wild limited edition Pride rainbow case.