Will There Ever Be a Way to Discuss TV and Movies on Facebook Without Spoiling Them for Friends?

With the new season of Game of Thrones now in full swing, the topic of spoilers is one you often hear discussed. Are you as hooked as we are here at House of Coco?

 If you are watching in the UK on Sky (and if you are not, you can get the Sky contact telephone number to set it up here), then you may well be watching it as it is first aired in America, but if you don’t stay up that late, chances are you spend Monday mornings terrified someone who has seen the new episode will spoil it for you in person or online. 

There is plenty of advice out there to help you if you want to avoid seeing spoilers about season 6 of Game of Thrones, and there are even apps and a Chrome extension to help block out things in your social media feeds and Google search results that contain words that suggest they could have spoilers in them. However, we can’t assume everybody is using these, which presents something of a problem when you actually have watched something other people don’t want spoiled, and really wish you could discuss it!

Some Things You Just Can’t Share!

Right now, there is a big irony at play with social media when it comes to talking about conventional media, whether it is a TV show or movie, or even a novel. While you have more freedom than ever to publish your thoughts on these things thanks to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and your blog if you have one, the fact that we need to avoid spoiling the fun for people who aren’t caught up yet means we are actually very restricted in actually doing this! When the last Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, was first released, you could say that you were going to see it or update your profile picture with a lightsaber, but what you could not do was emerge from the cinema and excitedly ask what other friends who had also seen it thought about your favourite scene.

Why There Should Be Solutions at the Content Creator’s End

As we have mentioned, there are solutions to help the content reader avoid seeing things with certain words or phrases in – they can mute hashtags on Twitter, clean up their various newsfeeds with apps, and block themselves from seeing spoilers with browser extensions – but none of this really gives you the freedom when writing content, whether it is a Facebook status update or a blog post, that contains spoilers without there being a very strong risk of upsetting someone. This ruins some of the enjoyment that there could be of having detailed conversations on social media about the things we’ve seen and our shared reactions.

What Might This Look Like?

What would be great then, is a system on Facebook where you could tag your posts as containing spoilers about something – whether it be a TV show, a series of books, a new movie, or even the results of a sports event, and users could opt in or out of seeing anything with that tag. You could then opt in to seeing things with the tag as soon as you’d caught up, and be able to see all the detailed discussions friends had had about the media in question already.

Hopefully, addressing the spoiler issue for content creators is something the social media platforms and search engines are thinking about, as an internet where you could freely talk about things you had seen without causing any problems would be a wonderful thing!

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