Win A Hotel – The Prize Draw of a Lifetime

At House of Coco we are a sucker for a good competition, although we have never actually won anything in the past. Can you imagine a competition where you cold win your very own hotel? Now wouldn’t that be amazing! Thanks to Gordon and Blosson Hoyles this will be a reality for somebody as they are selling their 14 bedroom hotel differently.

The Hotel Continental in Harwich, Essex with originally designed interiors and stunning artwork is the incredible prize for their incredible prize draw.

The opportunity of a lifetime to acquire a fully working, ready to go hotel for a mere fraction of its value at just £1000 a ticket is on offer to the lucky prize winner.

For those who know Gordon and Blossom this comes as no surprise as they love to do things differently from the norm.


From living ‘off grid’ for 10 years, building a newsagent business, buying and selling shares right up to buying and running the hotel when others could have been thinking about retiring poet and artist Gordon and his lovely wife Blossom are excited about this forthcoming venture.

Gordon and Blossom – the stars of the Channel 4 hit TV show of ‘Four in the Bed’ – have been recognized all over the UK.

“We didn’t want to sell the usual way for a number of reasons”, says Poet / entrepreneur Gordon.

“After 18 years running The Hotel Continental we feel it has come of age and it is time for us to leave home. In addition we have been told that it could take up to 2 years to find a buyer and we don’t have that much time to wait.”


“We want to go out with a bang and for the lucky prize draw winner to win the prize of a lifetime.”

Liaising with the right solicitors, barristers and other relevant organisations has not been an easy ride however Gordon and Blossom have persevered and they have all of the right boxes ticked to make this a very exciting prize draw.

The prize draw will be perfect for many people:

Business people looking get into the hotel industry.

Parents and grandparents who would like to win a new life and business for their children and grandchildren.

People aiming to get on the property ladder with a deposit they could dip into.

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Owner Gordon says;

“The winner of the prize draw will be picked electronically which we expect to be actioned by a known personality at an event.  The personality is yet to be chosen.  The winner will be informed by email and an announcement made.  We’re hoping the draw can take place 100 days from the start date on 1st May 2015.”

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