A home is like a kingdom to its owner, and like a responsible figurehead, the homeowner aspires to keep their vicinity clean. In the modern world, each one of these kingdoms offers views through their respective windows. There is no doubt that cleanliness is a must for your home to be admired by everyone. But who would prefer to take a gander at the events happening in the outside world through stained or dirty windows?

Thus, to stand out from the rest of the crowd, homeowners must be vigilant. Try places offering professional window cleaning Dublin to help you get pristine glass windows.

The do’s:

  1. Use Microfiber cloth

This material has tiny fibres that spread across a wider surface area without compromising the effectiveness of cleaning the surface. In addition, it absorbs lint and moisture well.

  1. Get glazed windows

Glass does degrade over time due to condensation. However, a glazed window prevents this phenomenon because it prevents harmful UV rays from damaging the surface. Therefore, you should try to purchase glazed windows.

  1. Clean your window in divisions

Each window should be cleaned by keeping sections in mind. Each section must be cleaned first by wiping off the dust horizontally. Later, wash soap and dry off each area with microfiber cloths.

  1. Hire professional window cleaners:

When you want your home to stand out in your community, you must ensure that your home’s aesthetics are up to the mark. Hiring this professional window cleaning company guarantees that your house will leave a lasting impression on everyone.

The don’ts

  1. Avoid strong cleaners, especially the ones containing Ammonia

Window cleaning chemicals containing alcohol or Ammonia are not recommended because their chemical properties enable the formation of unwanted streaks that damage your windows at a microscopic level, giving your window stains. After all, these minor damages attract grime and dust.

  1. Avoid cleaning your windows on a hot and sunny day

When sunlight directly hits the window, the water evaporates from the surface abruptly, leaving unwanted streaks that do not look good.

  1. Using towels to clean windows

Even when towels look and feel harmless, their design is not suitable for windows. The protruding fibres leave behind scratches that attract sand and lint to seep in, giving the windows permanent stains.

  1. Don’t spray the window cleaner atop the dust

Do not let the cleaner mix up with the dust because it turns into mud and the right way is to use a fine brush to sweep off the layer of dust first gently, and then the window cleaner is to be sprayed on the glass.

There are many aspects to owning a home and maintaining its subdivisions. It’s rigorously demanding, especially when you must keep cleaning up the inside, outside, and the windows. Like any maintenance process, a responsible homeowner must make sure that there are no improper cleaning methods used so that no residue is left behind. When your windows are clean, your house looks beautiful and well lit, making you a happy homeowner.


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