Winter Body Woes; The Face & Body Clinic

So it’s coming up to Christmas and if you’re anything like me you will be living/hibernating in baggy jumpers for warmth. Yet recently I have noticed that it’s not just the cold weather that has me reaching for the oversized clothing, if I’m not feeling too good about myself or my body, I hide it.

In all honesty, how many of us have considered surgery in order to change those flaws we find in ourselves? Probably most of us; I for one definitely have.  However with a serious phobia of injections, I am easily put off.  This then brings to mind non-invasive techniques which a lot of us, me included, are beyond critical about.

Yet, when House of Coco were offered the chance to attend The Face & Body Clinic and speak to founder, Shenaz Shariff, I jumped at the chance. Yes, I was sceptical, yes, I had so many questions and yes my curiosity had the best of me. Yet after just five minutes with Shenaz, I felt in safe hands, understood the procedures on offer and was happy to undergo treatment of her recommendation.

Let’s start with The Face & Body Clinic itself, founded in 2003 by Shenaz and located on Harley Street, the clinic is dedicated to providing treatments that truly make a difference.

Shenaz has been working in the beauty industry for almost three decades and understands that sometimes changes to our daily beauty regime and lifestyle can make a difference, yet sometimes this isn’t enough and ongoing issues can seriously affect our self-esteem and confidence in general.

For over 20 years Shenaz has helped thousands of people resolve their skin and body issues through natural, non-surgical, non-invasive methods and the clinic is one of the world’s leading authorities on aesthetic treatments.


When I asked Shenaz how she gets her hands on her treatments, the answer was simple. By working alongside some of the world’s top specialists, dedicating her career to understanding the complexities of the body and discovering more natural ways to address beauty problems without resorting to invasive surgery; people approach her. By only selecting the latest non-invasive technologies that are tried and tested (by herself too) that deliver visible results, Shenaz, is confident clients will leave happy and with the results they desire.

After speaking to Shenaz about my lifestyle and completing a health form; my physical condition, stress levels and medical history and my body were all taken into account and I was advised of which of the treatments The Face & Body clinic offers, would suit me best; Venus Legacy.

Venus Legacy is a fast, effective, and virtually pain free treatment , with patients likening them to the feeling of getting a hot stone massage. What truly sets Venus Legacy apart from other treatments is the advanced VariPulse™ technology, an adjustable pulsed suction feature that softly pulls the skin upwards. This allows for the energy to penetrate even deeper into the skin to further stimulate healthy circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Venus can also soften wrinkles, reduce cellulite or improve circulation for healthy, naturally rejuvenated skin. It can even be used to contour the abdomen for a flatter, more defined waistline, and firm lax skin around the upper arm.


So let’s start with addressing the fact I’m quite slim to begin with, I’m a UK Size 6. Yet we all have our own insecurities, mine in particular is the ‘love handle’/ hip area, no matter what I eat or how I tone, that bit refuses to shift.  Shenaz did address my size, in the politest manner imaginable and explained to me just how she could target this area on me.

We used a head of the machine which is usually used for facial targeting rather than body and we used deeper levels to target stubborn fat. Usually clients are recommended 6 sessions in order to have the results they wish. Yet after 20 minutes of treatment on either side, it was incredible of how instant the results were, my trousers were actually loose on me when I re-dressed!

So if you are concerned about problem areas,  aren’t ready to commit to surgery, or just want to feel good and fit into that outfit over the Christmas period, a visit to Shenaz is highly recommended.

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