Little Cirkus offers designer children’s products and a unique range of skin and hair products that contain only vegan and organic ingredients. Everything is produced in Sweden and the company was founded by ultimate Bossbabe Anna Aro Ring who launched the company after she became a mother.

Devoted to a healthy lifestyle, it was no shock that Little Cirkus would be a brand all around toxin free skincare. Here, we chat to Anna to find out more…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to launching Little Cirkus…
It all started with a dot on my son’s cheek. A dot that became a big wound which spread. Me and my husband visited different dermatologists in Stockholm, and got several different referrals and cream prescriptions. After seeing Sweden ́s foremost dermatologist and they neither could find out what it was, and how we could overcome it, it aroused curiosity out of frustration that nothing helped. Read through a lot and realized that I did not find the completely clean and non-toxic product that I was looking for, nor packaged in a nice bottle that is happy to stand in the bathroom, I realized I had found a hole in the market that needed to be filled.

It’s really worrying to think that before launching your brand, it was hard to find child friendly products with no toxins. How did you start researching how to launch them yourself?

Once I decided to develop a skin and hair care series, I started working with knowledgeable people, which has been the key to everything. Lorentz, our son, became guinea pig and after year of development we landed in the products that are now sold by Little Cirkus.

Looking back, is there anything you would do differently?

Both yes and no. I think it is impossible not to make small mistakes, from them I have learned a lot. I don´t think you can throw yourself into a new market and believe that you can do everything, you have to be humble.

But sure, some investment I might have been able to wait with, but on the other side, Little Cirkus haven’t been what it is today if I had not done the misses I made.

Your products are all vegan friendly, do you also follow a vegan diet?

I´m quite devoted to a healthy lifestyle, and after I started Little Cirkus I have become more conscious. Both in terms of food but also what we feed the skin with. I would say that today most people are quite well informed that there is a connection with what you eat and your wellbeing, but I think many forget that even what we put on the skin also feed our internal organs.

I have been a vegetarian for long periods of life and if there is a vegetarian option I prefer it, but I absolutely could not live a life without including a spaghetti with seafood and a bottle of wine, so I´m not a freak. I have a playful approach, not a dead serious one.

How do you plan on expanding the range in the future?

There are several products in the pipeline and we received several requests from our customers – Little Cirkus best products developer!

Very recently we released a bar soap which is our first product with scent. Another sought after products is sunlotion, the dream would be to develop a sun cream that was completely non-toxic!

With being a mother and an entrepreneur, how do you create a healthy work / life balance?

I don´t  Being an entrepreneur is one of the things that I love the most, but you need to be on top all the time. So finding that balance is incredibly challenging. Working as an entrepreneur is a way of life, you are never 100% free, the job does not end – YOU are the business.

But then in it there are incredible opportunities, and that I love!

A rule has been to put away all the work from when we pick up our son from kindergarten until he falls asleep, then I can work late in the evening instead. It creates more quality time for the whole family! But good how difficult it is!

Before launching your business, what career did you have?

I have worked for several years in television and radio production, mainly as editor and project manager. Then I worked as editor-in-chief of a design magazine before I became a mother.

What does 2020 look like for you?

New products and new markets. It feels incredibly fun and exciting that we have gained such great interest outside Sweden´s borders! And of course continuing to do what we do best, make organic and vegan skincare for our babies.

What does self care mean to you?

To not be too hard on yourself and allow yourself to take a minute break here and there. You can ́t be perfect, and it’s so important to think to yourself with a clear mind, without being a mom or entrepreneur. Enjoy something you like, maybe a manicure or a bath. It ends up being better for everyone in the family when you are happy and balanced.

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