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Women Worldwide : The One that helps you Be, Feel and Heal with Teri Gosselin

Women Worldwide : The One that helps you Be, Feel and Heal with Teri Gosselin

Terri Gosselin has turned her own pain in to power.

December 17th, 2020

Teri Gosselin has turned her own pain in to power. As someone who has had to overcome grief, she has turned her negative life experiences in to helping other people be, feel and heal.

Her story is one of courage and inspiration and we couldn’t wait to spend some time with her to find out more…

Tell us the story and inspiration that led you to launching your brand, Soul Glow & Alchemy.

After enduring the sudden loss of my younger brother, Joey, just three weeks before my wedding day in 2008, I soon lost who I was, consumed by anxiety and overwhelm, and deep sadness and bitterness. For years, instead of honouring, acknowledging and truly healing, I suffered from unresolved grief and grief related trauma, and had turned so far inward, I was dying inside.

In 2016, I had begun receiving nudges that I was here for something larger than myself, and after a thyroid cancer scare that summer, it was as if that was the wake up call I needed to begin to truly heal and explore what these soul nudges were.

With therapy, intense inner work with coaches and healers, and the exploration and expansion of my soul, my spirituality and my gifts, I not only embarked on my own healing journey, I recognized the call to be a beacon and guide for others who are ready to acknowledge their own call to heal and rise.

While my title and business has evolved over the last several years with my own healing work, the mission has always been the same.

To help as many women + men as possible feel safe to share their authenticity, receive the gentle encouragement and guidance they need to BE, FEEL and HEAL fully, and truly live a beautiful life after loss. This alchemization of pain, grief, trauma and overwhelm into the reclamation of personal power, the ignition of passion and activation of purpose is the sacred mission of the Soul Glow + Alchemy brand.

You’re an inner peace alchemist, can you tell us more about this?

Mmm, yes! This title was a shower download a few years ago, and it just felt so natural.

As a scientist by training and a healer by soul, the blending of the human soul’s desire to release internal chaos and be fully present and at peace in the now with the science of transmutation (or alchemy) embodied not only my mission deeply but my actual purpose that I had trained for my entire life.

Essentially, the healing work I guide others through opens my client’s up to unraveling the shadows and “lower vibrational” emotions that they have held onto for so long, taking space to fully acknowledge, feel, and express those emotions, and then transmuting those emotions into finding what inner peace feels like to them.

You help women + men reclaim a life of inner peace, joy and passion and unconditional love, following loss. How do you achieve this?

It is definitely a partnership in healing to reclaim these pieces of inner peace, joy, passion and love that slipped away while in the throes of unprocessed grief and trauma, and activated levels of anxiety and overwhelm, and having a safe container to do so.

The work we do is highly energetic in nature with a deep spiritual influence. The energetic healing work we do will shift heavy emotional and physical energy, activate pieces of wisdom from departed loved ones, spiritual guides and Ascended Masters, and continue to open up areas to heal around any physical dis-ease they may be suffering from, emotional processing, ways to shift certain limiting patterns and conditions in their mindset and thoughts, and new ways to embody the activation of inner peace, joy, passion and love in all that they do.

This work is deep healing of the mind, body, energy, soul and spirit, and is a deep remembrance of their wholeness, their soul essence, their worthiness to create and have a powerful and beautiful LIFE after loss without guilt and judgement to do so.

You mention FEEL to HEAL and doing so safely as a massive part of your mission to help others with. Can you share more about this?

Yes! My brand is also a movement, the Soul Glow + Alchemy Movement to be exact – to safely feel, express and heal those formerly unprocessed lower vibrational emotions of grief, trauma, overwhelm, anxiety and others, and have offer a platform to make it SAFE and SACRED to share those emotions without judgment and shame, and fully allow themselves to be seen, heard and witnessed as they are, which opens up the ability to heal more fully and activate new levels in their life.

From my experience, we have been brought up in a society that shies away from discomfort and pain. We would prefer to move forward quickly, and even when we feel compassion and empathy, it’s all in that moment, not beyond.

During my early grief journey, I was surrounded by love for a little bit, and then everyone else’s life continued on and I felt like my world had been turned upside down and I wasn’t ready to move forward, and rather than inconvenience others, I began internalizing my grief and pain, and it became an unhealthy pattern.

I think many feel that society shames them if they feel perceived negative emotions, and we become conditioned to please others and make them feel safe, at the expense of our own emotional, mental, physical and spiritual safety.

We are souls having a human experience which includes experiencing the shadows in life, so we can fully appreciate the light.

The containers I offer are deeply sacred with safety and space held for my clients.

I have also created a talk show called EVOLVE with Teri Gosselin which gives a platform for women + men to share their transformations and healing journey’s in a safe space and inspire others to do the same. An exciting goal of mine is to also have this platform available on stages around the world to watch and witness a massive healing ripple effect, releasing taboo and creating healthy conversations about emotions, grief, and trauma.

For anyone struggling with inner peace, what advice would you offer them?

You are not alone, my friend.

We all experience struggles around fighting the internal chaos within, whether it be due to grief, trauma, anxiety or something else entirely.

We are constantly evolving, a work in progress, so I invite anyone struggling to give themself grace. Grace to be where you are, without judgement and shame.

To simply take a moment from the chaos, from the analyzing of it, from the validation of it, and simply breathe.

Below is a quick exercise you can do when you are caught in the spiral of chaos, of overwhelm, of struggle:

I invite you all to drop into your hearts and check in with yourself right now.

Place your hands over your heart.

Breathe in deeply, and out through your mouth with an audible sound. Do this 3x.

Feel your body begin to relax, and your mind clear.

As you drop into your heart, simply observe and listen.

You will find so much peace just being in that very moment, and this will allow you to create the space, to begin that healing journey!

What does self care mean to you?

I love this question!

Self care to me is about finding WHAT works for YOU! Each person’s needs and desires for tending to themselves may differ each day or moment, and to me it is choosing what FEELS good to you in the moment, and experiencing that!

Some days this looks like deep breaths at my computer, or watching the clouds in the sky on my back porch.

Other days it is a delicious latte and a pedicure with a book to escape the world.

Most often, it is the allowing the pressures and thoughts to fall away while I come to the present moment.

My advice is to choose what feels good, and choose something daily 🙂 It does not need to be something that takes hours or costs a lot of money, so give yourself permission to explore different self care practices and tools that allow you the opportunity to reconnect, rejuvenate and relax!

During 2020, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t already know?

Ahh, 2020 looked nothing like what I imagined but has brought enormous growth, expansion and blessings with it!

Here are some of the things I have learned about myself this year!

  • I am magical! I have stepped deeper into my own e\nergetic and spiritual practice and I have realized how powerful my connection with Spirit and my gifts to facilitate healing for myself and others are!
  • I love my family so much, and this year has given me more time to spend with them and make beautiful intentional memories. It has also reminded me of the importance of solitude and self care for myself because we cannot serve from an empty cup, whether to our kids or clients, so putting your own oxygen mask first is essential!
  • I also witnessed my own deeper healing and evolution this past year, which has shown me how big my mission truly is, and how important and necessary this purpose work is in the world, and that even during a pandemic, beauty, magic and love can occur <3

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

My favorite place in the world is Greece. My soul literally feels like it belongs there.

Although I have been twice, it has been for nearly enough time to explore other places throughout the country. I would love to own a home in the islands, and explore the country, introduce my children to the place my soul craves, and make incredible memories!

Where can people find out more?

I would love to connect!

You can join me over at:


Teri Gosselin, Inner Peace Alchemist + Spiritual Channel






My website is under construction but will be ready soon and will be shared on the channels above!



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