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Women Worldwide : The One that is Amazingly Specific with Reverend Stephanie Wild

Stephanie Wild has been described as ‘amazingly specific’ and ‘actionable and thrilling.’ With a description like that, we were so intrigued to find out more.

Stephanie Wild has been described as ‘amazingly specific’ and ‘actionable and thrilling.’ With a description like that, we were so intrigued to find out more. Reverend Stephanie is sought after for the way she brings the Spirit world down to earth in the service of joy.

By connecting to Spirit in several ways, she helps her clients find a personal and practical way to take control of their own happiness so they can live peacefully every day, no matter what is happening. Spoken of highly by her clients, we couldn’t wait to find out more…

Tell us the journey that led you to launching your brand, Reverend Wild…

I think it began with me changing my name to Stephanie Wild! I have had 4 different names. The first three were men’s names: my father’s and then my two husband’s. Finally, I had had enough, so I decided to choose my own damn name. The first spirit person who ever spoke to me was Eliza Jane Wild, my great-grandmother ,(when I was about 9 years old). She was bold and confident – she didn’t marry until her 30s, back in the early 1900s. She knew herself and how to make herself happy.

Soon after I had legally changed my name to Stephanie Wild, I became ordained and added the “Reverend”. It fits me perfectly – I live life wildly and reverently at the same time. As I expanded into it, and wrote my first book, I got fired. Oops! Too empowered for corporate America; too intent on protecting my team from abuse. Of course, at that point I was terrified because I was a single mother in Manhattan with no family nearby. All I could do was lean into my meditation practice and connect to Spirit even more closely. I’d been doing tarot readings and hosting seances at home for fun for some time, but at that point I started charging properly. Then I jumped into writing my second book. I just kept going!

Since my career had been on Madison Ave in advertising, I simply whipped up my own branding and advertising. Pretty soon, other lightworkers started asking me for help with theirs. So, I coach light workers in branding and marketing essentials on the side. It’s really fun to see them blossoming and becoming irresistible to their own ideal clients.

You bring the spirit world down to earth in the service of joy, what does this entail?

I am a conduit between the Spirit realm and the Earth realm. I transfer and translate information in the form of messages, insight, and healing so that my clients can evolve spiritually and therefore move closer to joy.

Sometimes that entails setting up a conversation between my client and a loved one who has died; sometimes it means clearing their house of annoying spirit entities or stagnant energy (for this I bring in my Shaman partner); sometimes it entails taking a peek into their future or tuning in to the feelings of a person in their life so they can make informed decisions; sometime it entails passing on guidance from their spirit guides (such as clarifying their purpose for this lifetime) or their Akashic records; sometimes it entails leading them in meditation to dissolve a specific resentment; sometimes it entails doing some thought work (understanding the ego), sometimes it entails answering questions about life, the universe, and everything.

Basically, I hook my clients up to Spirit!

Over the years, you must have dealt with a lot of doubters. How do you deal with that?

Good grief, yes! Many doubters come across my path. I answer direct questions if they ask, but I don’t try to convince anyone of anything. There are so many people who are eager to get closer to the Spirit world that spending time on doubters would be unethical, really – I can do more good serving those who are ready than trying to change those who are not.

Who’s your ideal client and how do you want them to feel after spending time with you?

My ideal client is someone who has that inkling that there’s ‘something more’ to existence but for whom organized religion doesn’t feel quite right or quite complete and for whom new-age woo woo stuff feels hokey or insincere. After spending time with me, they’ll feel relieved of their issue, excited to expand their consciousness and curious to explore spiritual reality. People usually come to me when they have an issue in their life that they can’t think their way out of; they sense the need for that spiritual part. Often they’ll come with just one question, like “is my spouse cheating?” or “should I take this new job?” and that opens up a whole new world of spiritual growth and happiness.

Tell us about your best selling book…

I actually have two internationally best-selling books: The Art of Forgiveness, and The Art of Romance.

The Art of Forgiveness began as a memoir about my abusive childhood and how I managed to scramble my way to happiness. My publisher suggested it might help people more if I turned it into more of a handbook. So that’s how it ended up. I’m really proud of it because it’s very very practical. So many spiritual teachers tell us that forgiveness is important but honestly, I can’t name one who tells us HOW to go about it step by step. I do that. And it doesn’t mean letting anyone off the hook!

The Art of Romance was a natural next topic. I noticed so many heterosexual women coming to me with questions like, “what is he thinking?”, “why hasn’t he texted me?”, “Is he the one?” So, I wanted to give people a method of creating a dating and sex life that made them happy. Just a heads-up – it’s very explicit, so don’t pick it up if you’re offended by the f word.

Looking back since you started running your own business, is there anything you would do differently?

I would start sooner!

If you could speak to your 18 year old self, what advice would you give her?

Stop drinking alcohol and follow your bliss.

What has 2020 taught you about yourself?

2020 has taught me that I can trust myself to sleep and eat and work as my intuition guides me. My happiness is not increased by a rigid schedule.

What does self care mean to you?

It means giving myself enough water, enough rest, and surrounding myself with plants, with pets, and with people who say, “I love you” easily and often, without conditions.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I crave my homeland. My grandfather lived closely with the native Australians in the Great Sandy Desert, so I want to go there and reconnect with his spirit and with the spirits of the land. I want to take my children so they can awaken that connection in themselves, too. I imagine starting at Uluru (which I’ve not in fact visited) and making our way toward the coast and ending up at a small tropical island I have in mind. I like slow travel; I like to spend at least a few months wherever I go, if at all possible.

Talk us through an average day in your life…

I sleep until 9am because I have to manage my adrenal fatigue (decades of working on Madison Ave and before that, an abusive childhood). I stretch and get my blood flowing. I do a live psychic mediumship demonstration hour free to the public at about 10AM, and then I have a few private client sessions. I go into deep meditation in the afternoon or spend some time in nature (Central Park if I’m in New York, or the beach if I’m in Florida). After that, it’s business time…. working on my next book, or soon-to-be-launched online course, or attending to finances and so on. In the evenings I’ll hang out with my kids or my girlfriends or lead a spirit circle and meditation for clients. I often go to sleep around 9pm and wake up again at about 3am. I don’t mean to, it just happens. I usually immerse myself in some metaphysical lesson (book or podcast or show) for a few hours and then go back to sleep.

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