Empowering yoga teachers and healers to build profitable, impactful businesses is the name of the game for Meg Sangimino. An impactful and inspiring coach, Meg is the real deal. We spent some time with her to find out more about her career, plans for the future and so much more.

Read on to be inspired…

Tell us the story that lead you to launching your brand, Meg Sangimino Yoga…

After receiving my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, I was passionate about jumping into my yoga teaching career full force and sharing my love of yoga with as many students as possible. I believe that yoga and mindfulness practices allow you to show up in this world more fully and confidently, something we all strive for in one way or another. As a former athlete, I wanted to introduce yoga to athletes struggling with anxiety and injury recovery (the same way I had!). I started my business by taking on a few private clients so that I could tailor the yoga practice to their specific needs and refine my own skills as a teacher. As I grew my business online, fellow yoga teachers started to reach out to me asking for advice on how to market and sell their own offerings. I took that as a sign from the Universe that I was ready to start coaching so I decided to pivot into coaching yoga teachers to help them kick-start their businesses and scale both their impact and income.

When did you start practicing yoga and what attracted you to it in the first place?

I started practicing yoga when I was in high school struggling with anxiety and stress management (being a teenager is tough, people!). I had no clue I was in for such a life-changing, transformational journey that first day I stepped into a yoga studio. When I was in college, I started to get more serious about my practice and supplemented my athletic training with yoga and meditation. If you’re interested in yoga but you’re not sure where to start, I recommend chatting with a real-life yoga teacher (not just jumping straight to Youtube).

What has been the biggest benefit to your mind and body, since you started doing yoga?

Spoiler alert: it’s not that I’m crazy flexible or can stand on my head! The biggest benefit from my yoga practice has been my ability to control my reactions in situations more intentionally. Yoga puts a large emphasis on mind and body awareness so being able to face my emotions with pure awareness and less judgment has absolutely changed my life and improved my relationships dramatically.

You’ve pivoted from engineering into yoga, a bold move! How did you achieve this so successfully?

Great question! As an engineer, I love figuring out the most efficient way to solve a problem. When I worked as a construction manager, a big part of my job was finding a way to get the project done in the most efficient, cost-effective, and timely way possible. As I started building my yoga business, as you can imagine, those skills were incredibly useful and helped me scale my business at a very fast pace (without burning myself to the ground). The skills I learned as an engineer are integrated into everything I teach my clients. My goal is to guide my clients to work smarter, not harder as they grow their business. I’m not here to make anyone hustle themselves to death!

You help yoga teachers and healers become clear and confident with pushing their mission. How do you achieve this?

I am passionate about supporting yoga teachers and healers from all angles (not just business strategy!). Without confidence and clarity, teachers and healers can lose steam and burn out of their business journey very quickly. Within my programs, I focus heavily on strategy in conjunction with mindset and accountability (oh, and shoutout to the amazing coaches I have on staff who support my clients deeply from these other angles). I help teachers step into their confidence by recognizing their superpowers and work through self-esteem blocks.

For any aspiring coaches, what advice would you offer to those that are just starting out?

Focus on one audience at a time and dive in headfirst. Most likely, you’re trying to serve multiple communities at once (because you have a big heart and want to help everyone!) but you end up splitting your focus and spiraling into Overwhelm City. Focus on one audience and deeply understand their problems, challenges, and tendencies. Then, go crazy creating valuable content to help them improve their life!

Talk us through an average day in your life…

I try to be really intentional with how I get things done during the day. Typically I wake up between 6:30 and 7:30 and try not to connect to any electronics until I’ve done a movement practice and had my coffee (it’s not perfect every morning but I try). I do my best work in the morning so I’ll usually spend 1-2 hours getting administrative tasks off my to-do list (responding to messages, creating social media content, delegating tasks to my team, etc). Then I take a break to eat breakfast and drink my coffee with whatever book I’m reading at the time. After breakfast, I do what I call “client support” tasks. These include answering any client questions within my programs, creating slide decks for upcoming trainings, and directly reaching out to my clients to see how I can support them. After I check in with my clients I typically have a few more things to wrap up and then I shut off my computer by 4pm (sometimes sooner). I’ll do a 30-60 minute workout and then make dinner and watch a good show!

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care means tuning in to what I need in the moment on a particular day. It ranges from yoga in the morning to getting a massage to deleting Instagram off my phone for a day. Sometimes it’s screaming into a pillow if I’m being totally honest. I think “self-care” has become a trendy word for bubble baths and face masks when really it looks different for everyone and most likely changes daily. The best thing you can do for yourself is taking the time to understand your own energy and recognize that you’re an ever-changing human that needs something different each moment.

During 2020, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t already know?

I learned that I am capable of so much more than I ever thought I was. Does that sound cheesy? Oh well. I’ve had one foot in the “business world” for years now but until 2020 came around, I hadn’t truly jumped in with both feet. Once I did, it was a scary, exciting, rewarding, vomit-inducing roller coaster ride that I never could have anticipated. I learned that I have a mental toughness that I had never quite tapped into before and it’s like meeting a part of myself for the first time.

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

Australia! One of my best friends is moving there this year and, while I am NOT a good flyer, (sorry for anyone who has sat next to me on an airplane) I have always wanted to go. If anyone out there reading has been there, send me some recommendations on places to visit!

Where can people find out more?

The best place to connect with me is on Instagram @meg_sangimino or you can find all of my offerings on my website www.megsangimino.com. Send me a message, I’d love to hear from you!


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