Here at House of Coco we are always on the hunt for inspiring women that are making a name for themselves in their industry and Kinchadesigns was one of them.

Kincha is the founder of Kinchadesigns, a jewellery brand that will add some brightness in to your life with their Caribbean inspired pieces. Kristiana is a creative with a positive outlook on life and although her business is relatively new, she’s already achieved amazing success and been recognised by the likes of Vogue.

We went along to find out more…

Tell us the story that lead you to launching Kinchadesigns…

Since I was a kid, I wanted to have a jewellery business. My mom is a jeweller, so making things runs in the family. When I met my boyfriend, a musician from the Carribean, he taught me to love colour and I wanted to wear bright things to his shows. From there, I noticed that there isn’t a lot of brightly-coloured jewellery around right now, so I started to make my own – and so Kinchadesigns was born!

Since launching the brand, what has been your proudest moment?

To get the email from Vogue, and other big publications, asking to be showcased in their magazine! Selling my first product is up there too.

2020 has been an unexpected year, how have you had to pivot your business to survive?

It’s still the start for Kinchadesigns. At the beginning of the COVID pandemic, it was pretty much on a standstill, so I started to concentrate more on online sales. It was a slow start, but now everything is picking up. A year of unexpected events for everyone, but still some unbelievable opportunities for Kinchadesigns.

To any aspiring jewellery designers, what advice would you offer to those just starting out?

I’m not too far from the start myself! The most important thing, I think, is to never give up, and not to wait until everything is perfect. Just start and keep going – ‘perfection’ will come in it’s own form.

How often do you launch new designs and what’s the process behind that?

Every time I have a new idea! My collections aren’t static – I add styles to existing collections every week as the inspiration comes. Then I release new collections a few times per year.

How would you describe your personal style?

An imperfect geometry.

It’s same as in nature: we see geometry everywhere, but in nature it’s imperfect. Man-made items are driven too heavily by the idea of perfection. I try my best to stay on the side of nature!

Looking back since launching the company, is there anything you would do differently?

I always think I’d have done more but, looking back, I don’t think I could have!

When lacking motivation, what quote do you like to read?

You can’t win if you don’t try.

Where can people find out more?

On my Instagram @kinchadesigns, on my website and everyone is welcome to visit us in Upmarket, Brick Lane, I’m there most weekends and if you have any questions email me or message on Instagram.


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