Cassandra Bolden is the founder of Lit Moments, a small candle company with an enormous passion for designing candles. With giving back at the core of what they do, Lit Moments donates a portion of its profits to to sickle cell research proving that they might be a small brand right now, but they have a huge heart. Cassandra started this business as a hobby and it soon became her full time job, alongside her daughters. Here, we spent some time with her to find out more…

Tell us about the journey that lead you to launching Lit Moments…

This journey started a few years ago as a hobby. It was not until last year, that my daughters and I decided to commit to the venture since we obviously had found our passion.

What sets you apart from other candle brands?

We set our brand apart from other candle companies by selling “the experience” and not just a candle. Just about anyone can make and sell a product but we pride ourselves in being passionate about selling “the experience” of our luxury scents.

A portion of your profits are donated to a sickle cell charity, why is this important to you?

Within our model is a “give back” portion to a research foundation. We struggled a little at first trying to find a cause that we understood completely when all we had to really do was look toward the bassinet. Our grandson (Logan) was diagnosed at birth with Sickle Cell Disease so what better research to support than one that truly affected our family? One that we were researching and learning more about each day.

Making candles is very creative, what other things do you do for creativity?

I love to walk so I use that time to brainstorm on the What’s Next for Lit Moments? I am always curious about new things to increase our brand and writing guides me in the creativity direction, especially when I am just sitting still listening to a playlist with a lit candle.

How have you pivoted during Covid19?

Covid19 has affected everyone in every unimaginable way. We have used this time to connect more with our customers and have been able to pick up some new clients as well. We made use of our time by remaining stocked and ready to ship from online orders, that continued to flood our inbox even still. Our buyers have been awesome!

Our readers love to travel, what destination is at the top of your bucket list?

I love the countryside so much so I would probably have to say the Isle of Skye, Wyoming and Vermont are on my bucket list.

What do you do when you are lacking creativity?

When I am lacking creativity, I browse the web and read more books to familiarise myself with other techniques.

What does self-care mean to you?

Self care is so important and I have not always applied self care in my life like I should have in earlier times, but over the last couple of years it has become a “must do” for me. Implementation of self care allows for a better me because I am giving my body, my health and my soul the attention it needs in order for me to be that better wife, mom, grandmother, daughter, business woman, influencer, etc. In doing so, the daily tasks become easier and easier. Self care to me means putting me first in an unselfish manner. It means reading more, meditating more, journaling more and just not being afraid to say “no” or “not at the moment”, especially when the terms are unrealistic.

Looking back over your career, is there anything you would do differently…

I would have started earlier but I realise that all things happen in your due season.

For any aspiring entrepreneurs wanting to launch a brand, what advice would you offer them to build a successful and profitable business?

Research is important. Take your time with launching until you are 110% happy with your branding and the perfection of your technique. Do not rush the process. Your market will be there when it is your time.

How much does social media play a role in your company?

Social media plays a big role in our company. We continue to gain exposure and increase profits even during unprecedented times that we have never witnessed.

Outside of work, what do you do for fun?

I love playing tennis with my husband and kids and spending a lot of time in the backyard with family gatherings creating memorable moments. Karaoke and listening to my husband and sons have a jam session is a must at all family gatherings.

How has Covid19 affected your day to day business?

It has affected a lot of our face-2-face client visits and the collaborations that we do with other industries.

Where can people find out more…

Follow us on our social media for the most up to date information: Instagram @litmomentsco1; Facebook Lit Moments Candle Co. and of course on our website at


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