We are swooning over earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, which are all brought together with unique design by Chelsea McMinn of Anna Molly’s by Chelsea. The Anna Molly’s by Chelsea collections are beautifully stylish with a distinct flair towards a carefree bohemian woman.

From neon favourites to rainbow pearls, and tassels to gemstones, Chelsea’s jewellery is a classically casual collection to lust over.

Let’s find out more about Chelsea’s covetable collections, how she started out, and where her designs are taking her in the future.

Q. HOC. Tell us how you first got into making unique jewellery?

A. Chelsea. My earliest memory of making jewelry I think I’m about 11. I always loved making beaded friendship bracelets. This is also about when my obsession for up cycling and DIY developed. My family didn’t have a lot and my mom taught me to sew and make my own doll clothes. I would make jewelry, home decor, doll houses- all kinds of things from my mother’s sewing scraps. A huge part of AnnaMolly’s is up cycling and repurposing fashion “waste”. I wanted to create a brand that makes you feel good, from beginning to end.

Q. HOC. You are known for your boho style collections, have you always been drawn towards the bohemian?

A. Chelsea. I guess you could say that my style has always been somewhat bohemian. I love bright colors and eclectic patterns. I include a lot of seed beads and feathers in my desings to reflect my Native American heritage.

Q. HOC. We are loving your neon styles and your rainbow pearl styles, do you have a favourite from your current collection?

A. Chelsea. My current fave? Probably the cluster pearl and braided hemp necklace. They take me a while to make- about 17 hours each. But I really love how the braided pearl ropes and seed beads compliment each other.

Q. HOC. How did you choose the name Anna Molly’s?

A. Chelsea. Actually the name of my brand came from the title of a song by my favorite band! I have always loved music and thought of it as the easiest way to convey how you feel. The song is titled “AnnaMolly” and it s performed by Incubus. It’s a song about a girl that’s the one exception to the rule. That’s how I feel about my jewelry. It’s the one exception. Only ethically sourced or second hand materials. Only compostable shipping materials. Each purchase spreads love to another and supports a non profit organization.

Q. HOC. There is a hashtag on your website, #BraceletsForLove, it looks exciting, can you tell us more about it?

A. Chelsea. The #BraceletForLove is a movement that started with AnnaMolly’s My mom was traveling to Stockholm, Sweden to work with refugees there and she needed help with funds. I dreamt of bracelets for love one night. Imagine if women could support causes they’re passionate about and send love to their fellow woman that could really just use a hug- simply by shopping for new jewelry online! Each purchase made in my shop gifts a bracelet and note of love. I’ve been blessed to gift and make bracelets for over 500 women and children in 6 countries. Breast cancer patients, Hurricane Michael victims, homeless children in Wyoming, and refugees all over the world have received these little bracelets- “a hug for your wrist” as I like to call them. The hashtag makes it that much easier for women to see who receives their gifts and other women in their communities that are passionate about the same humanitarian efforts.

Q. HOC. Do you have a ‘go to’ piece of jewellery that your customers request to be made by you time and again – and is this your best selling item?

A. Chelsea. The “bracelet for love” are definitely my top sellers! I make them custom or I have an array of color choices on my website. Each color and charm supports a different nonprofit! These are of course made with fair trade beads and organic hemp.

Q. HOC. Do you remember your first piece that you made and sold?

A. Chelsea. My first piece ever sold was a braided hemp and seed bead necklace. The original was light blue and white pearl on white hemp. A lady named Julie in Alabama purchased it. A similar style is still available in my shop. currently offered in mustard yellow and coral pink.

Q. HOC. How long have you been running Anna Molly’s by Chelsea, and was there ever a point that you thought it was too difficult to get the business off the ground?

A. Chelsea. I officially founded AnnaMolly’s in April 2018. There have definitely been hard times but last August was the worst. My doctor discovered a cyst in my abdomen that had been growing there for he guessed about three years. I was immediately put on bedrest because the cyst was damaging my organs- with my kidneys getting the worst of it. I was in bed for 6 weeks- unable to do even the smallest task- like sitting up- on my own. There were a lot of days where I didn’t think I’d ever get back to my craft room. I thankfully have a great group of friends and family that helped me get well and kept cheering me on throughout the ordeal.

Q. HOC. Did anyone offer you a good piece of advice before launching Anna Molly’s that you still remember to this day?

A. Chelsea. I don’t remember any solid advice that someone gave me specifically. There is one thing I learned from my dad that I’ve always kept at the front of my mind. Ask everyone their name. My dad’s number one rule is ask someone their name, shake their hand, make eye contact as you introduce yourself. People like to know they matter and just because she’s making your coffee today doesn’t mean she’s not changing the world tomorrow. Get to know her.

Q. HOC. Did you have any knock-backs or set backs before launching, and if so how did you bounce back from them?

A. Chelsea. I can’t put my finger on one specific thing but I will say this. I started making jewelry on the floor of the bedroom I shared with my daughter. I was a single mom, working two jobs and trying to chase my dreams at the same time. I remember there being times when customers would place orders and I couldn’t ship the merchandise until their payment came through because I didn’t have the $4 to pay for shipping myself. I stayed honest and transparent with my customers- that’s truly key.

Q. HOC. If you were to offer one piece of advice to someone thinking of getting into the jewellery business, what would it be?

A. Chelsea. My one piece of advice- grow everyday. Even if it’s just a little 10 minutes to reach out to people via social media. Taking steps daily towards your goal has been my key to success.
Thank you for taking the time to answer all our #WomenWorldwide questions for House of Coco Magazine.

Visit www.annamollysbychelsea.com for more information.


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